We at Coefficients get you. You are an SME with a small team and you don’t have the resources nor the time to actually source and sustain people in tasks that are not really the core of you business. We understand you: you have to worry about bigger things like business continuity, logistics, deliverables, payroll of your staff, not to mention your personal life. You want to hire people for specific tasks but you are contemplating on expanding your business on its other facets or you have much more important investments to take care of. Outsourcing can definitely solve this gap. Take a quick look at your day to day operations and maybe we can help you lighten up the load by passing the following tasks to us. We’ll take care of the small stuff so you can focus on what matters to you.

Administrative Tasks

Mundane, time-consuming, and a bore...we get you. These things shouldn’t take a significantly huge amount of time away from you. From transcribing, web research, lead generation, data mining, scheduling appointments, making reservation to managing your emails: these can be definitely outsourced. Clerical jobs such as these can be done quickly and efficiently sans the headache of hiring and interviewing a lot of applicants.

Graphic Design and Web Development

Admit it, not all of us are blessed with artistic and technical skills needed for these tasks. Hiring and paying for people skilled at these is even tedious. Why not consider outsourcing these tasks? You will still get the same clean, professional, on-target outputs at the fraction of the price. Just make sure you are clear and concise with the project brief and the direction you want to go. For web development, you should give your outsourcing partner enough lead time because perfecting the codes for your new and improved website might need an ample amount of time.


Grammar, tone, technicality, and storytelling: these are some of the things writers consider in making good content that’s a joy to read and not all of us are equipped with a degree in Comparative Literature or Mass Communication. Writing can be a chore and quite difficult specifically when you don’t know where to start. Leave these to the experts and outsource your writing needs to them. They can adjust their writing style to meet the goal that you are aiming for and still be in sync with your small business’ branding. Writing blogs for your website is important as it can help your target market know you more and help them with their purchasing decision with your writer’s insight; and possibly convert them into buyers as well!

Social Media

Getting your voice heard on a platform saturated with content can be intimidating. Not to mention you’re competing with other companies that’s in your niche. Give the guesswork and the strategy-making to those who are experienced and well-versed in social media. Outsourcing your social media management can help you a lot specifically with industry knowledge, because they can analyze which social media platform works for you, what kind of content you should producing and the optimal posting times for this. They have also invested in social media tools that can provide you with the data that you need to further elevate your business and what your audience are expecting from you.

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Coefficients Co. Ltd. is an outsourcing company that offers business solutions beyond Virtual Assistance and Customer Support and has been helping businesses grow by offering Business Development, Consultancy and Design Solutions to its clientele.

Offering services such as Advertising & Marketing, Content Creation, Graphic & Web Design among others, here at Coefficients, we go above and beyond for our clients. From assessment, to solution design, to training, transition and launch; we cater to every phase and we got you covered every step of the way. We don’t go for temporary aids. We strike to the core.