A solution to loneliness
at least, an energetic solution

A Healing Toolbox article, Best practices in energy healing, 'with God as your Partner'

I was feeling lonely yesterday. I had just completed all the heavy lifting on a big project, shooting and editing, a series of 15 videos, it had taken several weeks. After completing this, a wave of loneliness came over me, "crushing" me. The busyness and task focus of work had kept my personal loneliness at bay.

So I got out my Healing Toolbox and considered what Tools That Heal I might have to address this.

The idea that I could address my crushing loneliness and thinking maybe a therapeutic direction out of it was possible, was my first step out of it.

My Toolbox reminded me the energetic of the heart and pericardium can function like a magnet. We call this "yearning." The metaphor of a magnet may be more clear for many people: the heart is a magnet, works like a magnet. This was my second step away from feeling crushed by my lonely feelings.

My Toolbox reminded me magnets have "directionality;" the pull of a magnet, the pull of my heart, can be directed up, down and in directions 360 degrees around me. This was my third step out.

My Toolbox then reminded me to check if my heart-as-magnet was directed down into materiality or up into Love, Light and Angels surrounding me. It was directing DOWN at about 45 degrees. So I was in process with a downward spiral, definitely worth my attention and self-caring.

Next my Toolbox reminded me I was stuck and whenever anyone is stuck for any reason, to check to see if multiple incidents of the felt disturbance are coming up from my unconscious for attention now. Indeed multiple incidents of feeling lonely in earlier times were coming up to clear. This told me, as is often the case, my loneliness today was nothing more nor less than an EMOTIONAL HABIT, one that I now perceived as dysfunctional and can now start chipping away at deliberately.

So asking for Love, Light and Angels to be my Partners, I asked for assistance to count out and learn how many incidents of deep loneliness I was in process with.

Once I had the number, my Toolbox alerted me to use Slow-Motion Forgiveness (TM) and to ask for spiritual assistance to put all the old incidents of lonesomeness in order of priority for clearing; and then, forgive myself for allowing, promoting and creating deep loneliness the first time I created this, the second time I created this, the third time I created this and so on, according to the Slow-Motion Forgiveness protocol.

Q: Did it go away 100%?

A: No, I can still find the loneliness in me if I look for it. I still need to make more outer changes in my life about connecting with people; however, the intense lonely feelings are no longer pressing on me, no longer an obstacle to functioning today so I can make the needed changes in my life.

If you get stuck, give me a call.

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