They say a person needs to do some soul searching at some point in their life. And one of the best ways to do that is to go on a journey to far off lands, to find yourself, and some meaning to your existense. A spiritual soul searching trip can do just that.

This past year I went to Chiang Mai in Thailand. I wanted to visit the beautiful mountains and Buddhist temples. And it was a personal trip, I ended up having somewhat of a spiritual awakening. The tranquility of the natural scenery mixed with the esoteric culture was really mesmerizing.

Awareness is one way I could describe the feelings. I soon discovered that people should take more of these types of spiritual journeys. It really doesn't take that much but some solid planning. And it can also help to travel alone. You really learn about yourself and the culture when you have some time to contemplate things. As spiritual authour Sage from write on these topics, you can find meaning in your life through your traveling experiences with other people of the world, especially in eastern-type cultures and religions that have a spiritual roots such as Thailand.

In this world now where everything is on social media and smart phones it really is a refreshing change to be in natural settings and remind yourself what it really means to be alive and appreciate the higher powers that have created these beautiful places and interesting interactions.

Theravada Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand, and you can see the way it reflects into the culture and people. Even many of the tourists that come here for there spiritual journeys seem to partake in the Buddhish mindset and teachings at some point during there holiday in Thailand.

It all started in India, during the 6th century is when Buddhism first came to existence. Prince Siddharta was the founder, who came to this realization of attaining the final acheievement of enlightenment.

Around 95 percent of Thais are Buddhist. And all over Thailand you will find spiritual and religious architecture and cultutral mindset.

The local have offerings to the deceased spirits and spiritual masters. This is a sign of respect and gratitude to the ones that have paved the way for the others. The belief is to attain spiritual merits and this create a better consciousness and soul growth.

It is also important to know that these types of spiritual journeys can also be had in neighbouring countries, who also have these type of ancient and esoteric roots.

As you may know, many foreigners travel to India for such things as that country has deep spiritual and religious roots.

Take the plunge. And don't be afraid to explore your spirtual inclinations. And one of the best ways to to that is to take a spriitual trip to far off lands. Lands that will give you this type of inspirations.

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