Even though you can try to find "spiritual" reasons to make the painful experiences you've been through all seem less random and difficult, there is still no way to try to sweep them under the carpet.

Nor should we. It is trauma, plain and simple, and can continue to have a massive impact on every area of your life.

From a spiritual perspective, I want to say a few things....

The symptoms of lack and limitation, health challenges, emotional blocks, relationship problems, etc. -- these are not the fundamental, originating core issue or "problem".

You are an Infinite Being, endowed with every quality your Source has. Yes, the consciousness of Spirit, the consciousness of God, is actually the underlying fundamental Truth of your being as well.

So how can we, who are endowed with every quality of Spirit, ever seem to be limited?

People come to me often asking of I can work on fixing their specific symptom and problem. I often find myself saying 'no', because the symptoms they are experiences are only signs of how they have contracted and pulled back from our sense of Oneness with Spirit based on strong discordant reactionary energy created during times of past pain.

We don't need to work on the symptoms -- we need to work on the person themselves releasing and letting go of the subconscious programming they have inadvertently held for lifetimes.

This past, unresolved energy can be called subconscious programming, or it can be called our akashic records.

When we create fear, anger, hatred, resentment, shame, etc., it is we who are creating this energy, not the circumstance. This energy does not exist in "the circumstance" or situation itself. We create it in reaction to what is happening, based on the level of consciousness through which we are interfacing with the situation at the time.

There isn't any problem with initially creating this kind of reactionary energy, as long as we work through the energy immediately so that it doesn't stagnate and build up. The problem comes when we hold onto the unresolved energy, often unconsciously, for years and lifetimes. Then we start having problems.

Symptoms such as emotional and physical challenges, feeling stuck in life, lack of positive manifestations, relationship challenges, etc., are not, spiritually-speaking, the fundamental, original problem. They are the symptoms -- the outcomes -- of held, unresolved energies within our own consciousness from the past.

This held energy includes energy from this lifetimes, as well as held energy from past lives.

The fundamental problem is this: how am I now continuing to restrict the unlimited power of my own soul because I am still holding onto my reactions to past pain, & holding onto limiting beliefs about who I am and my relationship to Spirit?

That's basically all spiritual healing ever is: How do we open someone back up to their original soul sense of authentic love, oneness, holiness, and availability?

The symptoms people experience are often motivations for us to do something different, but they are not really "the problem".

Ultimately, a "healer" can never actually do this work "to" you or "for" you. All we can ever do is to facilitate the process of release that your soul is ready to do at the time.

Being ready to release means that the soul is more open, and feels less of a need to suppress old energy or protect itself from a fear of more pain in the present or future, and so is receptive to the loving movement of Spirit.

Becoming receptive, especially where there is known pain or trauma involved, means working with helping the nervous system, brain, and energy field to get out of "flight or flight" mode, and to release the somatic memories the body may still be strongly holding as a result of this past pain.

This isn't something that can be done through energy clearing work alone. It requires working with body-centered therapies and professionals who facilitate this kind of work, and will require ultimately facing and feeling the emotions that may be lodged in your body creating not only any physical symptoms but also the sense of isolation, and the sense of disconnection from your ultimate potential.

What needs to happen first is to find a way to establish a sense of personal empowerment and to begin the process of opening to inner freedom.

People often want to do spiritual healing work around these types of issues, but are not yet feeling the courage to really change their life for the better. I want to encourage you to see the larger picture here -- that there is a Divine Beauty within you that is seeking to emerge.

This isn't about merely clearing your throat chakra or resolving some past life (though you may do both of those as part of your process). It's about you fully embracing and processing your past, seeing the Divine Potential within you right now, having the courage to make challenging decisions whose inspiration comes from within your own heart and may not make sense to anyone else -- and being totally willing to continue doing what it takes to be free.

I just was writing to someone earlier today who asked me to tell them about where they were at on their spiritual path. I told them to look at their inner life, and to ask themselves if they felt free to be, do, and have all that they feel inspired to in life.

If the answer is 'yes', we are living life full-on, authentically and in freedom. If the answer is 'no', we have to keep looking within, and asking "how can I surrender more of what I'm holding onto -- for the sake of my own inner freedom, and so that I can be of higher service to Life?"

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I am a spiritual clearing facilitator who works with the power of your own Higher Intelligence to identify, clear, and resolve your limiting subconscious programming (also known as your karma, or your akashic records), so that you can raise your consciousness & experience more authentic states of joy, healing, prosperity, optimism, and freedom to create the life you want. Please visit me at http://www.clearandconnect.com