Not being a medical expert and suffering ankle pain can lead you to have false thoughts. After experiencing a jolt in your ankle, the next thing you would do is to search for which kind of ankle pain you have developed. We are here to suggest to you about it and tell you three different conditions that can cause you pain in the ankle. 

What is a sprained ankle?

A sprained ankle is an injury that happens when you twist, roll or awkwardly turn the ankle. This may tear or stretch the tough bands of ligaments that help hold your ankle bones in one place. The inflamed tissue requires time to heal, and walking on it can cause even more damage. 

What is a twisted ankle?

A twisted ankle is a prevalent issue where you get your ankle twisted awkwardly, and you suffer from pain and inflammation in your tissues. A twisted ankle can happen when you have awkwardly planted your foot on uneven ground or stretched it more than usual. 

What is a rolled ankle?

Some rolled ankles are the same as tweaked or twisted ones, and while they are a bit tender and swollen, you may still walk on them. But the ankle sprains may also be severe with too much swelling or bruising and severe pain when weight is placed over them. 

What is sprain treatment?

If you are looking for sprained ankle treatment, you must know that rest is the topmost treatment your twisted, sprained, or rolled ankle deserves. It would be best if you got a sprained ankle or twisted ankle brace that will keep your foot in place, and you will be able to heal faster.


You might feel inflammation and pain in your foot, but you have to let it rest and allow it the time to heal fully. Always make sure you seek help from professionals to treat sprained ankles symptoms. Surgical methods can also be used for severe injuries on the foot. When you feel you cannot restore stability, strength, and balance in your ankle, you should refer to a professional. 

Grading the ankle injuries:

The physiotherapists use the grading scale to identify the severity of an injury in your ankle. Twisted ankle treatment and sprain treatment require your foot to be recognized for the degree of pain.

The degree can start from being 1 to 3, that is, mild, moderate, and severe ankle sprain. It can take from one and as long as three weeks to heal these injuries. A severe ankle sprain may even take six months to recover fully. After an injury grading is done, the doctor will specify the treatment your injury requires. You will be assigned more diagnostics, including CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays. You can also use an ankle brace for pain relief.

These are the methods of treating and healing foot sprains, twists, or rolls. 

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