I thought steel frame building sports hall was a great idea and it would flourish in places of the country with long, cold and snowy winters. There’s a good reason why star baseball players never come out of cities like Manchester and it has everything to do with the fact that they can only play for half the year because of the weather during the winter. My brothers and I were born in Manchester and although there were 200 days of sunshine a year there, the snow and cold between December and March made it difficult to play many sports. I ended up working for an oil company a couple of years ago and began to get depressed from it being so dark during the winter. I found a local steel framed batting cage one day when I knew that I needed to do something physical, and it was a great release for me. In fact, I think that it helped me crawl out of the depression I was in.

The metal framed batting cage was inside a wholesale sports equipment store so no matter what the weather was like, I could go hit balls in the steel framed cages. As the winter progressed, I found myself going to the batting cages more and more, it made me feel good and then I had an idea. I thought that sports would be a lot more popular in places where it was cold if they had an indoor metal framed option so they could keep playing throughout the year.

Steel framed batting cages would be included but I’m talking about building a metal framed indoor sports super park, like inside a huge steel frame building. There would be no way to build a structure of this stature affordably using anything other than a pre-fabricated steel building design unless I had the budget of a major UK city. The metal building will have an entire sports field inside the building complete with artificial turf, batting cages, and infield dirt.

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I wanted to start a business and sell memberships to local little league teams and competitive leagues in the area. We’d also sell two-hour sessions for use of the field and use a token system for the batting cages. I was even thinking about bringing in some double-wide trailers and outfitting them with bunks inside so we could hold week-long winter sports camps.

I had access to capital, I could maybe get my hands on almost a million pounds if I had a solid business plan and a good idea for my steel framed building in Manchester. I figured that the place didn’t have to be just single sports, that’s what I’d prefer but until it gained some momentum, we may have to put in a couple of basketball courts and a football field as well, maybe even an indoor street hockey rink. Construction Contractors Manchester Steel frame Building was a supplier of the kind of buildings I was envisioning, they provided massive pre-fabricated buildings for all kinds of applications like churches and for agricultural reasons. Construction Contractors Manchester definitely had the best name in the business and the most buying power, they even had a price match guarantee so I could be sure that I was getting the best possible price.

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