For obvious reasons, cleaning the exterior part of the windows is much tougher than cleaning the interior part. Therefore, to get the best and long-standing results and to ensure that the cleaning is done without any hiccup and without damaging the glasses in any way. That is the reason you need to put your stakes on a quality company that is into window cleaning in Beecroft or elsewhere, depending upon your location.

One good reason for putting stakes on a professional company is that they will use the right tools and follow the right procedures that will yield the best cleaning results. Window cleaning is not rocket science and the experts surely do not need state of the art tools and equipment for window cleaning. All the experts would need is spray bottles, sponges, buckets, eco-friendly cleaners, a squeegee, and a piece of cloth, preferably of microfibre.

Then what is it that makes these professionals so unique? It is the window procedure that they follow that that makes them unique. Here on this page, we discuss the steps of washing the interior windows that the professionals follow. 

Step1: Washing the Window Frames

This is the first and foremost step that the pros take. At first, they take on the frames, cleaning them thoroughly with warm soapy water, rubbing them with a sponge soaked in the soapy water, and then mop then dry before they turn their attention to the panes. This will help the frames to get back their old sheen. 

Step 2: Giving the window panes a Rinse 

Now they turn to the panes. As the outer side of the windows is not cleaned as often as the inner side, they would start by spraying the panes with a garden hose. Once done, they will fill the bucket with warm water and dish soap. Then they will use a sponge mop or a piece of sponge to gently wipe the frame down. Then they will refill the bucket, with clean water and mix it with soap. Once the pane dries up from the previous washing, they would hose them once again to get rid of all the dust and dirt, birds dropping, and a lot of other grimes that accumulate on the window pane over time. 

Step3: Spraying and Squeezing

Now that the panes have been washed once it is time to make them cleaner. They would prepare a water and vinegar solution and apply it to the window panes. Now they will wipe the panes with a squeegee by moving it across the pane, starting from the top, and moving down to the bottom. They would angle the squeegee a bit downward for avoiding streaks. After each pass, they would wipe the squeegee with a clean dry cloth. 

Step 4: Drying

They would not wipe the window edges to get rid of any spot that might have been missed with a piece of clean, dry, microfibre cloth. 

So you see, it is not at all a tough task to clean a window. It is all about following the right procedure and sticking to the right cleaning solutions to get the best results. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a window cleaning company in Beecroft and Pymble. The author is also a regular blogger.