Sending faxes is an integral part of any business. Traditional faxes are a good way to fax business documentations but the steps involved are too many and can take time which is a disappointing thing for a professional business communications procedure.
Here are the steps, a user needs to go through, for faxing a single document in the traditional faxing method.
Steps involved in using the traditional faxing system:
1. Check for the configurations
2. Place the document correctly
3. Enter the fax number with all the necessary codes
4. Start the scanning process and open in the specified program
5. Select the document you want to send
6. Prepare cover page and put that on top
7. Select Fax option
8. Enter the number
9. Select send
10. Wait for the document to finish sending.
Here we can see that the user goes through many stages just to fax a document. With online faxing, a user can minimize the number of steps or the whole procedure.
These days, online faxing systems have replaced the fax machines. Below is a guide for sending fax online while will take a minimum of your time and is so effective that your business will adapt to sending fax online without any hassle.
Guide for faxing through the internet: Faxing online has become the easiest way of
Below are the steps involved while sending fax online.
1. Open web app
2. Add the recipients for sending a fax
3. Upload files
4. Add cover letter(in Necessary)
5. Send
With sending faxes made this easy, people save time while sending. This helps business information exchange less hectic. With this, the users save time, energy and money while contributing to the growth of the business.
Faxing with XenFax:
• With the Multiple channels option, you can send and receive faxes on your preferred channels like Skype, WhatsApp, and Slack.
• The digital signature option in XenFax allows you to sign documents by simply swiping off your signature on the screen.
• With a plan that suits your needs the most, tiered pricing can help you spent for only the used limit. Here you only pay for the number of faxes sent; there are no hidden costs that can be a burden later.
• Send faxes from the mobile app from wherever you are. This application option can be used at any time and users can directly open the application and send faxes.
• XenFax gives you the option for online support 24x7. You have us whenever you need. Our expert team will help you and guide you in case of any issues or queries.
• With minimal equipment, you can send faxes wherever you want without any hassle of the infrastructure.
• Get a fax number for yourself for a minimum of $4.99 with 100 pages/notifications.
XenFax is an ideal solution for the SMEs as it is affordable and quick which satisfies basic needs to grow in any modern business.
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