For bald people, the number of opportunities at work or in the social circle is limited because all the younger looking, smarter people will get picked up first. This is why you will find bald people looking depressed all the time. However, there is now a cure for baldness. The first thing is to approach the hair clinics in Delhi and fix an appointment with them. They will take a look at your head and suggest the right solution.

Fix the date when you are free

Go to the clinic when you have the time and let the hair expert take a look. The hair transplant cost in Delhi is between 2.5 lakh INR and 15 lakh INR depending on the amount of baldness you have. First, the hair expert will try to solve the problem of hair loss by the use of alternative technology. This is by using hair growth formulations containing herbs and vitamins. In many cases, this will instigate new hair growth and you might not need a hair transplant surgery.

Find a suitable hair clinic

This is important because you have many clinics and it makes no sense throwing your money away. Find out if there is a famous hair surgeon in the clinic such as the inventor of the FUSE hair transplant method. Also, read the customer review about how well they will do the hair transplant. Once you have done this, select the clinic, and fix the date for the hair transplant.

Arrange the finance

Since the cost is more, you will need to keep money ready. Most of the time you have the EMI facilities to pay for the procedure. You must make a deposit to begin the process but after that, using your credit card, you may make the monthly payments. This is a small amount only and you will not feel the burden. Check the hair transplant cost in Delhi with your hair clinic you choose and then find out what the monthly payment will work out to.

Consult the hair clinic about the hair transplant

There are many types of hair transplants. One is the FUHT system while another is the FUE system. Both these systems are old and used in most of the clinics. The latest one is the FUSE technique that you will not find everywhere.

FUE Method: This is the traditional method where follicular units are removed one by one and replanted in your bald head. In this method, there is more chances of damaging hair because when you remove one hair follicle, you will unknowingly pull the next one also.

FUSE Method: It is an improvement over the FUE technique. Use of a modified punch for removing the hair follicle helps prevent damage to adjacent hair follicles. This will give you thicker hair growth.

Go for follow up
The follow up is important. When you do this follow up, the hair experts will check to see whether the hair is growing properly and tell you what you must do. This will help you have a thick growth of hair. It will also help preserve the hair that is now growing on your head.

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