Once there was a man by the name of Ajan who had everything. He had a great car, a wonderful wife, lots of obedient children, and a business that was very successful. His life was good and everything was thriving. And so he was happy and he didn’t give a single thought to God, the Universe and the One and Only.

Then one day out of the blue war took over the country and his business failed, his children fled, and his wife became ill and died. He was penniless, alone, and filled with despair. For the first time in his life Ajan was at wits end, and didn’t know what to do. Finally with tears rolling down his face he got down in his knees and talked to God. He said: God please save me,
everything that I thought was essential to life has left me… I am alone.

And God said: I have been here watching all the days of your life, and never once have you talked to me before. And now that you’re in need, you come to me on bended knee… why has it taken so long?

And Ajan said: I had everything, there was no need to come to YOU.

And God said: Every single word you’ve uttered has been about YOU. Not once have you thought about the God that dwells in the hearts of others, and how you could help. I’ve sent many people to you who needed your help. But you turned them all away!

And all of a sudden those words struck home. Ajan finally understood how arrogant he was and how unwilling he was to help. Suddenly he felt the agony of all those who were suffering on the planet — all the pain, all the dis-ease, all the need for human kindness. Now Ajan was bawling his eyes out… and finally understood the pain of the world.

And Ajan said: I’ve been wrong! Please forgive me! My ego blinded me to the suffering of others!

And from that day on there was peace in Ajan’s heart. He remarried, had more children, started a new business, but his life focus was never the same. He spent most of his time helping people and focusing on God, the Universe, and the One and Only.

But most of all… Ajan knew he was never alone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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