It is not possible to remove skin tags. All cosmetic treatments are feared by some people to cost an arm and a leg. This is not true. You can even buy some drugs over the counter and they will remove your skin tags. But go only for the safe ones, with the guidance of specialists.

Skin tag removal creams that garnered positive reviews can be researched on some internet sites. There are, however, cases where the effects of the creams are negative. If you belong to this group of people who have had contrary experiences, then perhaps you should stop using these creams. Nobody relishes the thought of spending a lot of money on surgeries that will only bring them a lot of pain. Willingness to spend a lot on a surgery does not preclude the preference for a painless procedure. Using the dental thread or the common dental floss will offer such painless treatments. They fall under the category of minimally invasive to non-invasive techniques.

Where does the dental floss fall within the skin tag removal process? Skin tags feed off the continuous flow of blood into them, that's why they grow in size. The number of skin tags can also increase over a period of time. But when you disrupt this blood floss to skin tags, you can easily prevent its growth. You can cause this disruption when you use the dental thread. Wherever the skin tags are located in your body, just tie the thread underneath their stalk. The skin tag will be isolated in this manner. Make sure to have all your tools and implements sterilized before doing any cutting.

Use a pair of clean and sharp scissors. It is normal to feel a stinging sensation after the cut has been done. It is an unavoidable effect. However, it will only take a couple of minutes before the sensation disappears. After removal, start the cleaning process. Do not leave the cut region open and vulnerable. Cleaning can be done using peroxide. This will help you to avoid infections.

You can opt to have a local anesthetic be used. For instance, if the skin tag is located in the neck region, a patch of local anesthetic can be used. But if the area where the skin tags are found is considered too intimate or too sensitive to be applied with local anesthetic, then don't use it. Harsh treatments could be potentially harmful to particular areas of the body with heightened sensitivity. An example is the area underneath the breasts; skin tag removal around that area could potentially hurt the nearby areas too.

Vaginal skin tags as well as groin skin tags must also be handled with great care. If that is the case, maybe over-the-counter drugs should be the option that you choose. This can also be applied to moles and warts. Cauterization is used to treat skin tags that are quite small. In this procedure, heat is used to kill the skin tags. The opposite of this treatment is called cryosurgery. In this case cells are made to freeze. These are all painless treatments that people have been using for ages. But it might cause you slight discomfort.

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