Failure is something we all face in our lives. I've sure had my share. I remember in the mid-1990s, I had worked myself all the way from a sales person to Marketing Director to COO of a thriving company - only to discover that I really did not like that position. So I did something radical. I decided to quit this very secure job and start my own advertising based business. It was an original idea in an industry I was very familiar with - a business magazine mailed to local business owners around my community. A great idea plus my hard work ethic - I was sure would work. Both my wife and I put everything we had, financially and emotionally into this idea. It was very exciting to see how fast we acquired our first (and last) 30 clients! Within a couple months we had a real magazine! Clients were getting fantastic results. There was only one small problem...though clients were excited about the return they were getting (one even said it was "the only advertising that ever worked"), some still had financial problems and couldn't continue on a consistent basis. Bottom line - we eventually ran out of money. Then, on top of having to close down the magazine, we even had to hawk our 8 year old cars just to pay postage for the last mailing!!

I was dream had died. I remember how depressed I was. I gave it my all and it was not enough. I had no job, no money, and worst of all - a seriously damaged sense of confidence.

Maybe, that's where you are now.

I had only answers. I asked God the usual questions ...why? Why me? How could you allow me to be so humiliated? Why did you let this happen?

It took another 2 months for me to hit the real bottom when I had to raid our earthquake kid preparedness kit for quarters...we were that broke. Until then, I was still holding on to a few shreds of pride. I didn't want to let them go, believing that somewhere within myself I could "make it happen." Once that last fingernail on the cliff ripped and I totally let go, something amazing happened. Some of our friends from church prayed for me and I got to the point where I said..."Lord, you are my provider...You are my You I trust. Whatever you want to do with me is fine." It wasn't like I didn't pray before...I did...a lot. But there is a big difference when you finally completely let go and repent of all anger, forgiveness, resentment, pride, etc.

A week later, totally out of the blue and not because of anything I did, I received a call from a stranger offering me the best job I'd ever had. An old friend who I hadn't talked with in ears referred me. It was nothing short of a miracle...just the way it was eerie.

Looking back, I realized that I just had gotten ahead of I do sometime. Lesson - it's wise to seek God's direction and wait on the Lord!

I hope my story has given you hope and some direction. It's never wrong to seek God, before and or after failure. He is always ready to respond. Frankly, I don't know how people cope without God...I guess that's why people do drugs, take pills or drink alcohol. There is no doubt in my mind that God is the better choice...he brings true and lasting healing and recovery from failure to success.

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