A mystic, to me, is someone who has a direct relationship with God (He doesn't care what you call him, by the way!). That relationship is accomplished by simply willing it to be so ... not thinking that you willed it to be so. With that definition, calling yourself a mystic should not be considered nervy - yes?

When you open the door to contact with the creating deity, the daily events of your life are your textbook. Things happen. Things you may not notice at first. Things that happen in dreams that may not be remembered, but nevertheless are reality in another 'plane.' You always know your next step up: That knowledge is in your gut, instinctively. Operating at one with God is simple, quiet, undramatic ... usually.

When you are one with God, since God's will is almighty, your will becomes able to create events, which could be called co-creation. This is the big secret. You are trusted with ability to the extent you can responsibly use it. So the most powerful are the ones least interested in power.

Prerequisites for spiritual power/ability are lack of greed and lack of fear. These traits cause a person to make decisions that are foolish 'in the real world.'

Events of your life create projects you are called upon to do. Often strange coincidences bring the project about. The project causes you to have the ability to perform it. After it is done, you are left with some of that ability as your own. At some point, you may be able to choose a project of your own. You may create an event of your own. Those are called miracles too.

Your type and level of contact with the nonphysical realms depend on who you are, who you become, and what you are called upon to do. Some people are born to perform.

You do, and then after the fact you figure out what that was all about: That is the way spiritual education works. You do not read the book and then do; you do and write the book. Retrospect is your enlightenment!

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