Anxiety, emotional expression is one of the human one. Is mainly due to a feeling of anxiety to the adverse situation arising from the emergence of a worry, tension, anxiety, fear, such as the integrated unpleasant emotions. And you are likely to feel anxious person? Come look at the following psychological tests measuring it!

Please answer the following questions with "yes" or "no".
1. If you're alone in the dark is afraid of?
2. Do you often feel too heavy, and would like to reduce that?
3. Do you care about how others treat you?
4. Do you often suddenly the phone rings surprised?
5. You do worry about the chores of life?
6. You worry about your own health situation?
7. You care about the money problem?
8. Traveling with other people if you get separated, you scared?
9. Do you often only need to take sleeping pills to sleep?
10. To the sleep time, you will still be lying in bed and something to consider?
11. In order to calm down, do you often serving a number of sedative drugs?
12. You are not very ego?
13. You are angry or nervous, the sound will not tremble?
14. Are you shy, blushing?
15. You can quickly make yourself relax?
16. You are more likely than others to worry about?
17. Are you always worried about some things?
18. Do you feel restless and easily?
19. Do you often feel panic?
20. You will be around important documents and belongings were packed properly, can be relaxed if there is risk of leaving?
21. You are often a number of illnesses, such as indigestion, plagued by a rash and the like, and so troubled?
22. You can not stand the noise?
23. Do you often because of trivial anger?
24. With errors or setbacks, you will feel very uneasy and worried about it?
25. If people make fun of you, your heart will be rattled it?
26. To go out or before going to bed, you should see several windows and doors are not really locked up?
27. In going out to dinner, meetings and other social activities, have you been or will be prepared for hours?
28. If friends want to come to your house party, you will do this for several hours?
29. In social situations, you often feel red in the face?
30. You're afraid to meet new friends?

Scoring: "Yes" 1 point, "No" and 0 points.
3 points or less: Your peace of mind. In the face of many problems, you position is not chaos, rise to the occasion with a smile and a winning spirit to face the life .

4-9: General you can take to control their emotions, but there is still some anxiety.

10 or more points: You worry about for a living. The higher the score, the more you are anxious. Do you often not worth worrying about for some things and worried about, and even provoked, unprovoked anger, irritability.

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