Faith, no matter what your belief may be, is a very powerful thing. People have their own ideals about what God truly is and what he/she does. There are days when you get hit with all the bills, then some unexpected things happen, car breaks down, an unexpected doctor bill, etc., and it tests your faith. It is during these times that your faith gets tested. You can either spiral down further, and more bad things continue to happen, or you can have a little talk with your maker. I simply say “Ok, you can stop now. I’ve had enough. I know you’re there, I didn’t forget about you, and I know you know I can handle whatever comes my way, but I know that I’m getting tired and am growing weary, all my love and faith is still there. I know it’s been awhile, but I still appreciate all of the lessons that you present to me to learn."
I know we question thing, I also know that we are not suppose to have all the answers to all life’s questions. My favorite saying is “God helps those who help themselves." This to me holds all of the answers to life. You can’t sit there and say God I want this, God I need that. He is not going to take your classes for you; he is not going to have your prospected employer knock on your door. You have to do everything in your power to make it, he just gives you the tools to manifest your life that way he wants you to live it.

Don’t feel abandoned. This is so important. Whatever it is that you’re going through, no matter how huge you feel the problem is, there is always someone out there in the world that is going through something worse than you. Don’t have a pity party for yourself, have compassion for the other person who has it worse. Faith is just that, faith. It is a feeling deep down in your soul that tells you “no matter what, no matter how hard it get’s, no matter how much this gut wrenching pain is, it will always get better and even the person who has it a lot worse than you do believes it to be true too. Do everything you can to take your life in your hands and take charge of it.

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I have a website that is designed to help others. I do believe that we are here on this earth to learn from each other. I don't think that we give each other enough credit. I know our world can be harsh and cold and some people might not necessarily have family or friends to count on. I write all my articles and blogs. All are meant to offer hope and encouragement for others.

I wrote two books "Walk in Peace" and "My Soulful Journey" which can be purchased at Again, these books are tools to help you through whatever it is that you might be going through. It is to offer you hope and encouragement.

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