A long term exercise program needs scheduling for success; here are a few important points to consider.

Does your exercise plan fit you?

Think about what kind of person you are, what you like and do not like, how you feel during different times of the day. If you are a night person, maybe exercising after will help to relieve stress from your job. If you are an early riser, perhaps exercise will help you to get a good start on your day.

Does the plan fit your family and friends?

If you want to exercise with a friend, you will have to find a time that is good for both of you. The same goes for team sports. Your family may have feelings about when you exercise. You spouse may not want the alarm going off an hour earlier in the morning. On the other hand, your spouse may like to exercise with you but can do that only in the evening.

How hungry are you?

Exercising right after eating can feel uncomfortable. But, if you have not eaten for hours, you may not have much energy for your exercises. Wait at least one hour after a meal to exercise. Try eating a little snack one to two hours before exercising.

What to do when you miss a day?
You may not always keep to a schedule. Most people cannot. There are interruptions and unexpected happenings. A friend may drop in. It may rain or snow. To become a part of your routine, exercise needs to adapt to such changes.

One common way to make your exercise program adaptable is to exercise every other day. If you miss a day, just do the exercises the next day and there will still be no more than two days between sessions.

Deciding now on your exercise strategy will increase your chances of long term success. By selecting what is going to work for you, you have made great strides toward a successful exercise program.

If you have not yet fit exercise into your life….STOP. Do not risk wasting another minute. Plan for success!

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