A precocious girl is taken to the doctor to have a medical, for her it is a time of anticipation.

In the beginning of one of the first time lesbian stories she dwelt on what Dr Helen Mason would be like. Aunt Maud was only eighteen when she met and married the young local vicar, quite a scandal in the local community at the time.
It was a major motivation in their decision to come out to East Africa, and work with a small Christian community that was struggling without the services of an ordained priest. So if that made her Aunt about thirty-four then Dr Mason must be nearly forty.

Gazing at her aunt Charlotte tried to work out her mood from the clothes she was wearing.
Most significant was the blouse.
Pastel shades were signs of leniency. Dark colours were not good portents at all.
She sighed relief, her aunt had on a creamy white top with very small violets round the neck line. Best of all it was unbuttoned half way down showing off the deep cleavage and a good part of each breast, so much so the edges of her dark brown areoles were visible.
All these were an indication that Maud wanted attention to her own body, rather than uniquely dominating Charlotte’s.

She was transfixed knowing what was in store for her later. Watching as the nipples began to push against the thin fabric.

Her aunt well aware of Charlotte’s staring became annoyed at her own arousal, just like in the lesbian stories that she read.

“Go and get on with your studies; it is a cool evening you can use the stoop instead of your room.”
“Yes Aunt Maud.” Replied Charlotte scuttling away.

Charlotte settled into her aunt’s large wicker chair placing her maths book on her lap, she relaxed back, looking out over the waving green grass covering the veldt after the recent rains. It was as if someone had taken a big oil brush and painted the once brown rolling landscape a bright green overnight. It was indeed a beautiful evening, a breeze cool and refreshing after the heat of a still and stifling day. The blood red sun moving fast in its last moments of fiery glory to dip over the grassland.

It always fascinated Charlotte how it managed the illusionary effect of speeding up as soon as its rim touched the horizon.
She knew that at that point it was already below the horizon, but due to atmospheric refraction appeared to be still above. There it was large as life, only now slipping away from sight. Then the magnificent red and gold after-glow streamed out across the incoming low clouds.
Charlotte returned to her thoughts about Dr Helen Mason.

Was she young looking or already a dried-up spinster?
Aunt Maud had said that Helen had never married.
If she had been the friend of Aunt Maud for all these years, maybe they had been more than just friends, as in her lesbian stories.
Why was her aunt now so keen for Charlotte to have this check-up?
So many questions running around in her head, she nodded off to sleep.

“Well Charlotte how long ago did you finish your test? Let me see your book!”
Charlotte woke up startled by the realisation that her aunt had woken her. The lesbian short stories book was open in front of her.
“Nnno.” She stammered.
“No what?”
“No I have not finished, I I I fffell asleep.”
“Well go and eat. Your supper is laid out for you in the kitchen, then when you have finished come and join me, no need to read more of your lesbian short stories.
Charlotte picked at her food. How could I have been so stupid as to fall asleep?

Now I am really in trouble.in my study.” Maud turned on her heel, her sandals tapping on the stone floor as she left; this was the end of one of the first time lesbian stories.

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

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Ashok Saraswat is an India based Author of several articles. His interests are diversified based upon the internet findings and research. He is an Arts Graduate with specialization in Current Online Trends.