Here it is 2012, for years many have questioned our mere existence after this year. The world is changing, for the better, but some still don’t see it. It is not the end of the world, but the end of our old way of thinking. It is a time of renewal. This means renewal of our souls, it is a time of growth and compassion.

Everything in this world changes, streets, neighborhoods, friendships and all relationships. Some grow together and some grow apart. If you question it, just take a visit to your old neighborhood and walk the streets, sure you might see some familiarities, but you can feel the change.

If you’ve lost contact with friends or relatives, get back into contact with them. The past is the past and it is time for a renewal of the souls. It is a time for lost souls to find their peace and come to terms with whatever they haven’t dealt with; a so called awakening of the spirit if you will. It is time to release all of the petty things that might have caused some distance in your relationships.

Let life come full circle and enjoy the gifts that each person has to offer. Don’t look for material things to nurture your soul, because it won’t. Material possessions will only leave you with an empty feeling inside, turn to people who need you. You may not realize it but there is this huge place called earth that has billions of people in it, and some of those people might need. It could be something that you’re good at, a craft, a computer program, or simply your compassion or zest for life. Help a stranger and become a friend.

Our job here is to care for ourselves and also care for others in the same manner we care for ourselves. Find where you are needed, there is no feeling greater than helping others. A small feat to you can be huge in the eyes of someone who needs it. 2012 is a time for us to acknowledge others and share compassion throughout the world. This is the only way to change.

Release all that is holding you back and move forward to a place where your soul appreciates life and others. Feel free to share a smile, a handshake or a hug for those that are in need of it.

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