Can we alternate fear with enthusiasm by flipping a mental switch?

If you turn your anxiety and panic into a friendly ordeal such as inspiration, you can quickly eliminate the fear factor naturally.

Yes we can turn anxiety and panic into a positive experience.

Our first instinct is to face up to, run from and dodge anxiety and/or panic. Our mind and body must find some way to end it as quickly as possible so that we could return to feeling calm once again.

Can we turn anxiety and panic into a positive experience?

So, can we replace fear with excitement by flipping a mental switch?

What if you can very well find out how to turn anxiety into excitement, other than attempting to spawn some kind of inner calm and get swifter results?

By switching your anxiety to gusto, you can swiftly wipe out the fear factor.

This is because being flustered and excited are by and large identical physiological states for your body.

Therefore your mind is able to adjust to the switch between those two states with much less trouble, as opposed to switching from anxious to calm.

So you see, now that the apprehension has been erased, you will feel in control once more and a state of coolheadedness will take place naturally.

Here's the deal

Let's use a panic attack as a for instance. Panic attacks are practically always touched off by bodily sensations.

Could be you're feeling light-headed or your body begins to shake. Maybe your chest feels tight or your heart commences to pound.

You know all to well what's about to transpire and in a split second your mind answers with alarm to these bodily sensations.

"Oh crap it's coming on again, I'm getting ready to have a panic attack! What if I go looney tunes? Am I going to die"?

Your instinctual counter reaction is so surprisingly sudden that it is about impossible to regulate. Nevertheless, now you are mindful of what is stirring and NOW is your moment to cease reacting and to choose a new response.

Instead of counter reacting with apprehension and resistance to the sensations, you are now going to answer with enlightenment and ambition.

Here is the basic game plan:

1. Do not resist or challenge the bodily sensations. Be cognizant that you are alright, these sensations can not harm you.

2. Readily accept the sensations and anxiety you feel, instead of imagining it as an enemy.

3. Enjoy the sensations completely and visualize them with a delightful curiosity.

4. Now mess around with the sensations and provoke them to become more acute.

Get into this enhanced state of arousal then finagle the energy out and fly with it. Don't seek to constrain it.

Empower your mind to race and your body shake. Allow your chest to feel tight and your heart pound. Experience every side effect and feel completely pumped and alive because of it.

Now you're doing something quite different

You are not fighting any more. You are readily accepting and moving ahead with the experience.

This event is a total rush of complete stimulation as you ride the wave of fright instead of permitting it to toss you around.

Some people compare this rush to that of skydiving. It's something titillating that they are gladly participating in.

We can turn anxiety and panic into a positive experience by becoming truly juiced by our anxiety. You can quickly block the power it holds over you and put yourself right back into a position of absolute control.

Author's Bio: 

I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for many years.

Now I'm on the road to a complete and permanent recovery.

If you or someone you care about suffers from anxiety attacks, do something! Get your life back. Do it now! I decided to try a method that makes sense to me.

By learning to manage anxiety and recognizing the anxiety attack for what it is.

Just fear, and that's all it is.