Advertising through newspapers is one of the oldest methods of marketing and promoting products or services. Even today, it is still an effective way to reach the masses. It includes all the print adverts that run in local or national dailies, weekly, monthly or simply periodical new broadsheets.

Such advertising is most appropriate to target the audience that still prefers a printed chronicle over the advanced media viz. internet and television. Individuals older in age usually browse through the printed newspapers whereas the young crowd, follow the happenings around them via other sources of information including internet, radio, television, etc.

Despite the arrival of new technologies in the field of marketing and communications, the newspaper advertisement still maintains its position as it has the capacity to reach a wider audience of a niche area or a localized demographic. You can direct your advert to your targeted group by putting the ad request to run in the section that is closely related to your targeted audience. Plus, you can select the newspaper as per your judgement. For instance, to sell your property, it is wiser to go for a local paper of your area rather than a newspaper than has pan India circulation. A local paper will connect you with the masses living nearby and you will get a positive reader response.

Another important fact is that you cannot ignore the importance of newspaper advertisements in promoting and improving businesses. Such adverts have worked fairly well in promoting some of the global brands in niche markets. For example a foreign multinational aiming to establish self in India will need to promote themselves not just on the electronic media but will have to show their presence via printed spreadsheets. Otherwise, they will not be able to make their mark amongst the common people who can be their possible market.

There is another important factor that you cannot ignore while promoting your business via newspapers. If you consider newspaper advertisement, it is good to understand that there are different ad rates and tariff plans depending on the number of parameters. You will notice that different publications have varied prices or offer different rates for different types of advertisements. So what factors actually influence the newspaper advertising rates?

To begin with, your advertisement cost will depend on the following vital points:

• The format and size of your ads. For instance, Classified display ads in TOI, Hindustan Times, Amar Ujala, etc.

• What section of the paper you want your advert to appear?

• The day it is published,

• The frequency in which you will keep the ads running,

• What publication you will use and

• How many people it reaches (It covers the circulation volume and demand for the newspaper that you have selected for your ad post).

In the case of multiple publications, you can get in touch with several sales representatives from each newspaper company. These executives will give you price quotes and helping you design your advertisement that will give you a better ad response. However, all such things will surely add to the cost of such ads. Furthermore, ad space in daily papers is expensive than weekly or monthly ones.

So if you have budgetary constraints, you can only run your ads in the local edition of a daily paper. For example local edition Classified Ads in Times of India or in weekly, monthly journals that will cost you less.

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