Americans don't spend billions for entertainment. They spend in search of it. Well, when you have found the ‘Television’, your hunt ends right there. Thanks to John Baird’s fabulous invention and the work of numerous engineers and scientists, the television has developed into a phenomenal gadget with unlimited potential. I mean, who would have thought 50 years ago before our first TV installation that we would be able to not only hear, but also see, a swing band from the 60’s swaying to their music, witness a man land on the moon or, even better, watch a royal wedding in a whole different continent!

The first television ever made was actually called a ‘televisor’ and sold in 1930. One would be surprised to note that in 1938 a basic image-only TV cost a mere $125! Even your 5 year old could have bought one with her saved up pocket-money. The ‘Upper east side’ rich folks splurged on the most expensive set for 440$. Seems like a joke right? Well, if you saw the quality of the pictures then, you will be glad you coughed up a thousand bucks for your sleek LCD TV installation at home.

With a large number of companies, from Panasonic to Westinghouse, competing in the TV-creation business, prices for new models are actually going down every year! Technology has brought to our doorsteps TV screens small enough to fit a car-seat head-rest, large enough to take up the whole ceiling of your bedroom and thin enough that it looks like a black box painted onto your wall! When you have so many fabulous choices, go for something that gives you the best viewing experience but doesn’t burn a hole into your pocket! I mean, why settle on a fat, ancient CRT TV when you can drown into a 50” inch Plasma TV install!

Having a variety of amazing equipment to choose from can be a tough task especially when we have to do a continuous comparison of quality Vs cost. Here are a few other important, yet frequently forgotten, factors to keep in mind when deciding on the perfect television installation.

The first is the size of the room or type of viewing area. The distance between the television and the seating spot is vital for good comprehension of the whole picture without a strain on the eyes. With a 26-inch LCD TV, one must be installed at least 3-4 feet away; a 32-inch needs about 4-5 ft and a 42inch screen should have a minimum of 5-7 ft working distance. If you are going the extra mile and installing a home theater system, get someone to actually come to your house and work out other factors like direction of the light, acoustics etc.

Another factor that may not seem significant is the space the TV is to be placed in. Don’t get carried away and buy something massive when your TV stand doesn’t have enough area or strength to accommodate an instrument of those proportions. If you are purchasing a TV installation that will be wall-mounted, make sure you decide beforehand which wall it is going to be placed on and take accurate measurements. When you are shelling out a good amount of cash for worthy entertainment, invest sufficient thought so it is money well-spent!

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