Twenty-One-Year-olds by the universal standard is considered the legal age of adulthood. They are considered to attain full physical and intellectual maturity. In most countries, they are of the capacity to be legally bound by the contracts that they have signed and entered into.

They have to be more independent as compared as most of them would be leaving their families to live on their own and will be entering workforce after graduation. Ideally, they should know the career path that they want to embark at this point in time.

Moreover, as they will be operating in a less structured and more complex environment, they need to be able to transition away from the structured life that they have from the education systems provided in schools.

In view of these few highlighted changes, from the need to be more independent and able to operate in a less structured environment, we need to establish the skills and developments that a 21 year old must obtain during the transition to adulthood.

In addition, we need to know the tools and gadgets that we can provide them to assist them with a smooth transition and most importantly help them enjoy their journey when they prepare for adulthood.

Improving Social Skills
No human can survive alone. Everyone needs their own tribe and community, other than family members. This is especially so when the twenty-one-year-old will be moving out and entering workforce. Expanding social network is also a great way for them to open up their eyes and see the world and know what is really happening around them.

We need to help ensure that they are equipped with interpersonal and social skills to help them develop in this area, so that they have their network of friends and contacts to turn to for help and for their recreational activities.

We can suggest to them social groups, interest groups, volunteering groups or professional circles that they can join to help them expand the network.

Enhancing Health and Mental Well Being
Investing in health, both physically and mentally, is critical as one grows with age, as your body is the only place that you live in.

Having a healthy body and great mental well-being can take the twenty one year old places and enable them to advance in their careers and prepare them to undertake heavier responsibilities as they journey into the next stage of life – marriage and formation of family.

We should share with them on the importance of having a balanced diet and exercise. One great way is to arrange sessions with them to cook meals together or go gym or do home workouts at home. In addition, one of the great 21st birthday gift ideas is to buy them a fitbit watch to motivate them to stay healthy.

Career Development
Having a clear career path and advancing the upper rungs of the corporate ladder is one of the priorities of a 21 year old as this is important at their wealth accumulation stage.

We should provide them with a sounding board, to have deep and intimate conversations with them on what career future they see themselves and provide them useful advice on the obstacles and challenges that they meet at work.

Most importantly, we should share the soft employment skills with the, as these are important skills that are not explicitly taught in school but are vital to take them through the course of their career.

In conclusion, though transition to adulthood can sound scary for a twenty one year old, we strongly believe with the right tools and support given, they will be able to enjoy the stage of this life.

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Mindfulness Practitioner and avid traveller, who enjoys writing and sharing one’s life experiences.