I don't know of anyone doing online marketing and selling online who isn't looking for ways to establish their credibility with potential clients and customers. With all the fluff and hype, it is more important than ever to position your expertise.

One of the most effective methods for you to enhance your credibility and trust with prospective clients is with strong testimonials. Everything you do will be enhanced by utilizing effective testimonials.

Simply put, testimonials are third-party evidence as to the benefit of what you are selling. They are much more likely to be believed than ads, direct mail or you telling the world how great you are. Often, the decision to purchase can be influenced based upon a testimonial.

A testimonial consists of a written or spoken statement about the experience someone has had with you, your product or service or your company.

The most common is a written testimonial. However, more and more people are moving toward an audio and/or video testimonial.

Testimonials can be utilized on your website, marketing material, media kit, brochure or book.

FTC Guidelines
Before you secure and post testimonials, you will be well served to read the current FTC Guidelines. You can access the FTC Guidelines by doing a Google Search with "FTC testimonial and endorsement guidelines".

Make them real
Authentic client testimonials are a powerful marketing tool. There are numerous benefits in using positive client feedback including:

• You will establish your credibility quickly.

• You can set yourself apart from your competition.

• You can quickly and easily show results other clients obtained when they worked with you.

Tips on securing effective testimonials

Carefully choose your testimonial clients or customers; making sure that each one represents the size, industry, and type of work you want. Identify your ideal client profile and begin marketing to that profile.

A very effective way to secure testimonials is to offer a trial version of your product or service in exchange for a testimonial. For anyone just starting out this is a great way to secure feedback.

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