With her body unprotected Charlotte is led unwillingly to an assignation deep in the forest.

Lesbian literature does not always prepare the reader for events in lesbian affair stories. They climbed up the strand, away from the sea and into a pine forest that ran along the coast.
The pine needles were sharp and prickly on Charlotte’s bare feet and especially so when they managed to get between her toes they really could hurt, often she had to stop to pull one out.
“How much further is it Suzi?”
“Don’t be a wimp.” Came the fast response. This teen
“You should enjoy the walk, because I have told my long-standing friend Vanessa all about you and I can say she was not impressed at all. In fact, she was surprised that you still allowed your body to be so wanton. Not at all seemly for an eighteen-year-old was her observation. I think she is looking forward to controlling both your body and your emotions.”
“Tell me more about how you met your friend?”

‘’Well it was about six years ago, when I was nearly ten. She used to baby sit me for my parents. One memorable night I was particularly precocious in the way I answered back. She put me across her knees pulled up my nightie over my head and holding my back pushed me down on her lap as she spanked my upturned bum hard making me cry.
When my Mummy returned, I burst into theatrical tears saying how badly Vanessa had mistreated me; my Mummy merely sent me back to bed advising me that Vanessa should do the same any time I was cheeky. Which over the next two years it became an almost regular event, brought on I must say as an attention getting act on my part, as in any of the teen lesbian books.

It was on my thirteenth birthday when Vanessa was invited by my parents, that I next saw her. Mummy advised much to my embarrassment to all my friends that Vanessa would be a house guest for a week each month until I had learnt to behave like a young lady and not as Vanessa called me, an errant and arrogant baby.
Vanessa became a major player in my life for five years. When she left, we kept in touch, last week when speaking on the ‘phone I told her about what you did to me on the day of the visit to the Tea Room.

She now wants to redress the balance, as she describes it by meeting you today. I am glad that I am not in your shoes, so to speak.’’
Glancing at Charlotte’s bare feet.
“Don’t worry about spectators; Vanessa has carefully chosen a clearing that is well away from the paths that crisscross these wild woods.”
Charlotte was acutely aware of a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, never before had she become so focussed on an event that had not even started, and the fact that it was so totally outside her control made her begin to wish she was anywhere else rather than following Suzi.

As if reading her mind Suzi stepped behind her, clipped the wide dog collar around her neck and attached the lead.
“It would be a shame if you decided not to turn up.” Commented Suzi, thinking this is better than my lesbian affair stories.
“This will be the highlight of my day.”

They continued on upwards till the trees thinned out and left a carpet of grass; Charlotte luxuriating in the freedom from the acid needles. The bright green seemed at odds with the dark brown of the pine loam beneath the surrounding forest.
There sitting cross legged on a large log was Vanessa, when they were a few feet away she pushed herself up; only then did Charlotte realise how tall and broad shouldered was Suzi’s friend. A deep husky voice adding to the visual image of muscular power. Teen lesbian books were not like this.

“So this is Charlotte. Come here girl and let me feel you all over; I like to get intimate from the start.”
Charlotte shuddered as strong hands began to move from her face and down her neck. She was not so much frightened, but more intimidated by a feeling of helplessness. This became stronger as the hands took possession of her breasts squeezing them through the thin cotton, as in all the best lesbian literature.

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

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I am an India based Author of several articles. His interests are diversified based upon the internet findings and research. He is an Arts Graduate with specialization in Current Online Trends.