Maintaining a Wedding Planning Checklist ensures there will be no last minute surprises when you are planning your wedding. Whether you are organizing your own wedding or have hired a wedding planner you can be sure a Wedding Planning Checklist will be an essential tool.

The Wedding Planning checklist keeps you mentally prepared and most importantly organized. When planning a wedding you cannot afford to have a lackadaisical approach as being lax often results in many things being forgotten which come back to haunt you at the last moment leaving you in a mess scampering from pillar to post to fix them.

There are so many things that have to be planned and a checklist ensures you are constantly aware of those besides you make effort to get them in order as well. The more organized you are the less stress there will be as your wedding day draws closer. The planner can always be found with a list as he knows there are so many things that even he can forget but having them clearly mentioned on the checklist gives him a timely reminder.

The Wedding Planning checklist details everything you may need to organize for your big day and will give you a time guide as to when certain things should be booked prior to your big day. The Checklist will include everything from booking venue, marriage license right down to the little things you may not have necessarily thought about like a Guest Book or Wedding Favours. Not everything on Wedding Planning Checklists will be relevant to you and your wedding and these items can just be crossed off. But then that too can only happen when you maintain a checklist reemphasizing the importance of maintaining one.

You can download FREE Wedding Planning Checklists from any good Wedding Planner Websites or alternatively from a Wedding Magazine. Begin maintaining one at least 18 months prior to your wedding and keep including and striking off activities that have to be completed anyhow and those you feel are inconsequential with time.

Time and again when the list is tweaked and things are included besides being struck off leaves you with enough room to alter the list suiting your convenience and ensuring that you get most of the tasks ready in time and are confident of calling in the celebrations in the grandest of fashions.

Keep that list in your wallet and every time the wedding crosses your mind just yank the list out and see what items remain to be completed so that you keep those in mind and pursue them more aggressively.

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Maintaining a wedding planner, ensures you can never go wrong with anything during your wedding. There are columns in the checklist which help maintain a record of everything and ensure you get them done on time.