We are a group of six friends and on a successful note we are planning for a weekend away at a location that is serene, open and of course fabulous. Nestled on many locations, we found out Greece to be the most beautiful amongst the places we have shortlisted and now when we are sorted with the place to visit during our holidays, its time to get back to work and finalize the other things that are importantly needed such as accommodation, places to visit, things to do etc. Paxos Hotels or Beach side Villas? Which is a good option to plan your stay?

Unlike your past experience, make this trip the best among all. Book a villa for your group stay wherein all of you can enjoy being together. Late night drinks and early morning coffees with your besties is an additional thing to create crazy memories to be mesmerized at a future date. Completely sustainable and designed as a contemporary beach retreat, villas in Paxos with an open-plan kitchen, cosy living room to chit-chat within along with a view of the sun set and log fire crackles in the background.

Paxos is a beautiful oops.. extremely beautiful place to plan your holidays at. The scene of the sparkling and sprinkling crystal clear Ionian sea takes away all your sorrows giving you immense happiness and peace. Paxos is a gem of an island which is known for its charm as most of the people visiting Greece stick to the islands with airports. You too can consider staying here in Paxos for your entire holiday and can commute everyday for different visits.

Don’t miss a visit to Lakka Loggos and Gaios

Paxos comprise of three coastal villages that have their own distinct significance. All these are worth a visit and a best place to explore the tradition, culture and beauty of this serene place in Greece. Lakka is set on a horseshoe bay known as a heaven for sailing boats which enhances its beauty giving it a perfect charm.

Loggos is another harbourside village surrounded with many beautiful tavernas with beautiful appeal. Visiting taverna is the best reason to visit this place. Explore the culture and of course the sea food that will surely leave you licking your fingers.

Last spot is Gaios that is also the capital of Paxos, but it is not a big town by the mainland standards. It is just a small and charming little port with a harbour and main square. Known for the excursion boats and the sea taxis, Gaios is approachable through bigger boats from the mainland and Corfu dock at the new port.

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Book hotels in Paxos for your comfortable and convenient stay and roam around these beautiful and cultural places one by one to feel and explore the serenity at its best. Visit many of the tavernas and choose the best ones to shop and browse for wines, Paxos olive oil, sticky cakes and much more. Create magical memories and remember taking a tour through the beautiful sea using excursion boats. Explore a couple of tiny pebble beaches, tehir beauty and a glass of wine by the sea side.