At its purest form, a writer’s dream involves only the deep relationship they have with words. Their eventual publication in whatever manner might be right for that particular writer is subsequent to that internal connection and may not be the dream of all writers. Some writers are content with the mere inking of their words upon a page to live within a journal, on a blog, or on various scraps of paper kept in a much coveted collection. This writing is for their own use or limited to sharing with a select group of friends or family. But if the dream is to be published in a more formal manner, the writing life involves the culmination of words into a work to be presented in public. To most, although many formats exist – being published means to hold a book in one’s hands.

There is a nervous apprehension about allowing your work to be “out there” especially for first time authors. All the work – writing, editing, rewriting, editing again, deciding an appropriate cover, acknowledgements, bios and pictures, inserts, images… etc. etc. etc… all the stuff your publisher helps you with but cannot force you to let go of… This worry can lead to an overwhelming sense of “omg what have I done.” Doubt filters in for some, at this point, with a list of questions: who is going to read my book? Have I put too much? Have I forgotten something? Did I say what I really want to say? The answers are clear to the author once that final product is delivered. An author’s expectation fulfilled result in pride, accomplishment, relief, acceptance, success… and many more emotions.

The fulfillment of this expectation has been very gratifying for Dream Write Publishing; to see this excitement in an author brings pride to our company as it lives up to the mandate of helping writer’s dreams become reality. Authors published through Dream Write Publishing are important and their words are precious commodities; they are not to be taken lightly. Dream Write Publishing attempts to cater, within reason, to each author’s goals depending upon their vision for their project. Each author will have a different journey once that book is delivered and we advise that they shouldn’t compare or weigh their results to or by that taken by a fellow author. Some will receive notoriety based on who they are or the content of their book; others will gain true success by the acceptance of their peers; others still, will be content with the fact they have accomplished a lifelong dream, or simply completed a task. Whether in front of the camera, quoted in numerous papers, reading before familiar audiences, or just allowing the experience to run its course, all authors will be accomplished if they realize that: a) they are all the same, and b) they are all different.

We all know that as writers we write because we must and words are the product of our efforts. If you are a writer who wants to live their dream of being published – take note: being a published author is a gratifying experience if you consider the product you hold in your hand to be the ultimate pay off, anything else including monetary gain, is a bonus.

Author's Bio: 

Linda's writing life draws reference from over 36 years of work experience which includes customer service, banking, accounting, taxation, retail, security, advertising and design, computer knowledge, supervisory, office management, and now, publishing. Linda has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta and is a published freelance writer and artist; she is one of six founding members and the current treasurer for the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County. Developing Dream Write Publishing has fulfilled a personal dream but the goal still remains to fulfill other writer's publishing dreams.