Thesis writing is one form of writing that can leave anyone who is unfamiliar with it completely confused. It poses an entirely new set of questions and is very different from what you do on a regular basis. However, it is meant to be that way: difficult, organized, high-professional and very well-structured. There cannot be any “casual” lingo and it has to be extremely descriptive. With thesis writing you are not making a contribution to more information or content on the Internet but making a valuable one to knowledge. So if you face the task of writing a thesis here is your cheat sheet:

Academic Requirement: This has nothing to do with your content writing skills and depends purely on the marks that you obtain. A 70 percent or higher is generally required in case you are willing to write a thesis. You also need to discuss your dissertation goals and contents with your lecturers.

The Introduction: The first chunk of content that you will be required to write for your thesis is the introduction. This will contain the background of the entire thesis. Just like an executive summary that is required for a business plan, the introduction for thesis should also be preferably written after the entire thesis has been completed and compiled.

Literature Review: The next part of the thesis report comprises a review of the literature that has been used for thesis writing. These can be the referral reports, news reports, reference books and other literature that has been useful for you in creating the thesis.

The Body of the Thesis: This is not one section but rather a set of different sub-sections that together make the main content of the dissertation. The sub-sections may include hypothesis, methodology, statistical analysis of variables and constants, conclusion of hypothesis etc.

Conclusion: The last bit is important in case of any form of writing. It contains the result of your hypothesis as well as recommendations based on the findings of your study. A good conclusion is one that entices the reader for further action and research on the subject.

When you are writing a thesis you need to be particularly cautious about the terminology that you are using. First person should never be used in dissertations. It is advised that you use plural terms wherever you have to talk about a person. Utmost care should be taken regarding punctuations, grammar and spelling. It is absolutely imperative that thesis writing is done in solitude.

Brainstorming often gives excellent results in case of thesis writing. Also, once you have completed your report, making another person, who has an understanding of the subject, read the paper will help you judge the quality of the content, the engagement factor and the level of interest that it generates. Ensure that all the elements are present in the correct order in your report and don’t forget to include the index, appendix and glossary. An organized and well structured dissertation is the only one which is of any use.

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