Are you suffering from anxiety at night as you try to fall asleep? If so, how would you know? the symptoms are connected with our emotional state, which is very beautiful when balanced, and can lead to terrible fatigue, insecurity and lack of self esteem when not balanced. A balanced emotional state, you ask? Yes, we must take inventory of our whole state of wellbeing, to be well; not just the physical, and not just the mental. Our wholeness is like a glorious interwoven web that affects every aspect of Self. It can thereby be accessed in many different ways, from different in-roads, so to speak. So IF you had trouble sleeping last night,did you toss and turn, thinking of any and everything that could go wrong in your life? Did you start worrying about your ability to manage your scedule tommorrow, and found that hours had gone by? During that uncomfortable duration of time, there was an in-road to a more peaceful presence that you could have taken hold of, if you only knew how to access it. This comes through a feeling in the body,a sensation or a pain maybe, which is giving you information constantly about your balance of wellbeing. It would have provided for you an alternative to stress had you been able to stop the thoughts in action, and a solution for you about what to do instead.

What is there to do instead?
* Take an inventory of your energy in the present moment. Where in your body are you feeling the discomfort?
* Then place your hands somewhere on your torso, and begin to breathe deeply for a few minutes.
* Follow this by "sending" energy into your system as white or gold light, and watch very carefully for any signs of relaxation or release.
* Keep breathing deeply, and observe the movement of your ribs; let them really move laterally as you breathe in, and let them release as you breathe out.
* After 5-10 minutes of doing this, you should feel some change in your body, and this will reflect also in a more relaxed, less anxious, mental/emotional state.

Learning some simple practices for managing your energy can begin a personal self-discovery path that will reward you many times over! Learning about Energy Healing and Energy Management truly IS the name of the game!
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Author's Bio: 

Diane Young is an Energy Healer, CranioSacral therapist, and Teacher of the Alexander Technique with over 20 years of experience. she began her discovery in healing after learning of a physical illness she had acquired, and used Spiritual Healing and Energy Healing to bring herself back to total health. Diane is committed to helping people who suffer from Stress, Anxiety and Fatigue bring back a better quality of life, usint her milti-method approach to learning and healing