In today’s difficult economy many people have found themselves unemployed and job hunting has become much tougher. However, even though the competition is difficult you can still have the opportunity to get interviewed and potentially be hired with a great cover letter.

Your cover letter together with your resume must be specific yet remarkable. It must be created specifically for the company you are applying for. It should also be free of grammatical, spelling ang typing errors. Furthermore, it is advisable to have a friend or family member check your cover letter before submitting it in order to make sure that you don't have errors.

To increase your chances of being interviewed, you must avoid generic letters. The intention of a great letter is for you to express yourself and let the hiring manager knows you better. If you use a generic letter, it won’t build up trust with the hiring managers. In turn, you will lose the opportunity to be hired.

A great cover letter is usually customized to highlight your skills and attributes. Also stress what skills and experience you have that make you highly qualified for the job position. A paragraph that sums up your skills and accomplishments serves as the foundation of a great letter. Everything else can be built on your skills and accomplishments.

In a great cover letter, it is best if you know the qualifications in the job description and try to address all the qualification requested by the company you are applying for. In doing so, list your skills, work experience and attributes in order of importance to have a great cover letter.

Aside from stressing on your skills and accomplishments, you should also emphasize your worth to the company you are applying to. Normally, this is written at the closing paragraph together with the follow up statements. Great cover letters always have a strong punch at the end of the letter to summarize everything that has been previously stated.

While writing a great cover letter, there are common mistakes that you need to avoid. In the past, it was acceptable to send a letter that was handwritten. However, in this modern era, everyone expects you to send documents that are printed. Though it is costly a great letter is still worthwhile and worth every penny you have once you are hired. Take every opportunity to re-read your letter for any spelling and grammatical errors. You want your skills to stand out from your letter, not your spelling and grammar mistakes.

With a great letter, you will definitely get the best job hunting experience and your job hunting will pay off in interviews. Keep your letter real and accurate, and free of grammatical errors. As much as possible, customized your letter according to the job position and the industry you want to work for. Remember that a great letter emphasizes your skills, accomplishments and attributes that make you stand out.

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