Find a picture of yourself as a baby or young child. Consider it as if you were looking at someone else – perhaps a co-worker’s grandchild or a friend’s niece or nephew. What do you see? You would probably agree that you are looking at an adorable, innocent new being, ripe with potential and worthy of unconditional love.

Now look into a mirror, gazing into your own eyes. Do you perceive this beautiful being, rich in potential, deserving of unconditional love? You have a lifetime of experiences, some that expanded your heart, and others that were constricting. You have made choices in your life that led to greater happiness and others that created sorrow. Through it all, the essence of your being bears witness to the unfolding of your life, distilling drops of joy and love to nurture your tender heart.

Today is a new day. As an expression of the sacred field of unlimited possibilities, you have the capacity to make this a day filled with love and enthusiasm. Why not live as if it mattered?
My beloved guru, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, told his students,

This scarce human body is acquired after many lifetimes; don’t waste this opportunity. Every moment of life is precious. Do not think of yourself as weak and fallen. That which was done up to now, understand that this was unintentional. But now, apply yourself to action fit for a human. If having become a human being you do not obtain knowledge of your Divine nature, it is as if you have sold a diamond for the price of spinach.

The world is in need of love. With an open heart, you radiate the light of love to all those around you. Remember, no impulse of love is wasted. As a lover, rejoice in your state of lovingness, and know that every being who reflects a ray of your love is enlightened by the experience. This is your essential state. It always was and always will be.

Do not allow the pervasive worldly demands of life to constrict your heart. The sun does not use the excuse of clouds to stop shining its light, for it knows that clouds will always come and go. It is your birthright to live a life abundant in love. Make the commitment today to open your heart and let your love flow. No matter what has happened in your past, you have an infinite capacity for love. Please use it, for your own sake and the sake of this precious world.

David Simon, M.D. is the Co- Founder, CEO and Medical Director of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. Dr. Simon is dedicated to catalyzing the evolution of the prevailing health care system into a healing system that encompasses the emotional, spiritual as well as physical health of the individual. His new book Free to Love, Free to Heal: Heal Your Body by Healing Your Emotions comes out on June 25, 2009.

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