Recently, the question came up again: “What is HoloMagic?”

"God" could be an accurate term, but it's got a lot of other stuff associated with it. Infinite Intelligence is clearly the one that Napoleon Hill opted for. The way I explain it most often is that it's connected with that quantum world, which is nothing, nothing but a world of spirit, a world of energy.

And when you make that leap in consciousness, you activate it-and of course, any skeptic could say, well, "The Law of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is easy. You made it happen, right?"

But we're saying no. In the quantum realm, in the HoloMagic realm, it's a living spiritual energy-and it can do such things as decide on its own promulgation, decide on its own outlet. For instance, HoloMagic may have chosen me to publicize it, right?

Things are connected. In this whole spiritual universe, the fact that the Law of Attraction works is logical, because it's electricity, energy-and there is no electricity without magnetism. There is no effect anywhere that doesn't affect the entire Cosmos; it just brings what it should at a particular time.

Maybe you need a message from a billboard; maybe you need something from a magazine. Maybe you need the last three words your preacher says in his sermon that with his increased emphasis wakes you up. Maybe you need it when you fall down and have an accident in your back yard and break your ankle, and have time to reflect.

Maybe you need a motorcycle accident. Whatever it needs, that will work. It is a God force. It will work for itself. It is connected.

We can plug in, and we do that by accepting it with strong intentions. Of course that means, obviously, that we've got to know.

It’s strong intentions, determination and faith that it will happen, not that we're going to go out there and try to make it happen, but that it will happen… It seems the story hasn't changed in Think and Grow Rich, or The NEW Think and Grow Rich with regard to faith. It’s a living spiritual energy.

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