I'm a messenger on a mission. And it could be the message you've been waiting for your whole life.

This message says that there is nothing wrong with you; nothing broken, nothing missing. You do have a few misconceptions and some misinformation and this is where I come in. I'm here to change your mind, more aptly, open your mind.

You've been given an invaluable gift. a gift that has either gone unnoticed or misused for most of your life.

My assignment is to help you open it and use it to its full capacity. The gift is a sensory system, whose role - like all your other senses - is to help you interpret and navigate your environment.

You have a communication system better than the most sophisticated GPS:some call it an emotional guidance system. You use it all the time, but to a fraction of its potential and often contrary to is purpose.

Nine years ago I experienced a minor car accident. No big deal. Until a few hours later when the right side of my body went into spasms, including my brain. It lasted awhile, but I have no idea how long.

The next day while driving (a different vehicle - mine was trashed) I could see things differently. When something came into my visual field I KNEW instantly where it was going. What I mean is, I would see something, know where it was going without a conscious thought in between.

When I actually noticed what was happening, I was ecstatic. I called my hubby and told him of my miraculous discovery. He laughed and said, "Honey, most people call that defensive driving."

Was he right? Was this experience just a hyper alertness to my surroundings due to an accident caused by someone coming out of nowhere and broadsiding my vehicle? Either way it was a new sensation for me so I kept playing with it.

Two days later I was participating as a team leader in a personal development seminar. Here's where it gets weird. Barely hours into the program and I realize I'm watching emotional patterns unfold before my very eyes. It was that seeing and knowing thing again with no thought in between.

I watched unmet expectation skip to disappointment, hurt, sadness and then resentment, like a stone skipping across the surface of a pond. For 3 days I watched similar patterns evolve.

You can imagine how curious I was by now. As I observed behavior and emotion all around me I began to wonder, "If I can see an emotional path from its starting point and watch its trail laid out before me, one step at a time, could I retrace the steps of a behavior/emotion that's already at the end of the path? If I could literally step backwards through the pattern to its origin would I be able to see what started it? Once back at the beginning of the path, is it possible to neutralize or redirect the emotion allowing new choice?

Like a dog with a tasty bone, I couldn't let go. I began testing my hypothesis with every friend who was willing. Fortunately many of them are into performance psychology, behavioral transformation, human potential - the whole gamut of personal development work, so they indulged my explorations.

And I tried every way to Sunday to Sunday to prove my theory wrong, only for it to continue to show me again and again that it is absolutely true!

Within 6 weeks I had developed a specific process for eliminating the emotions that get in the way of what we want to do, be or have in life.

Three very powerful insights came from this first effort

1. Repressed emotions have a physical presence in the body.
2. They have information for you
3. Every emotion comes with the intention to serve you

I was thrilled! And since then, I've spent close to 10 years field-testing, researching and tweaking the system into what is now known as the emMatrix™ System.

The most wonderful part is is that people from all over the world, in testimonial after testimonial, report that the results are astounding.

And these same life-altering outcomes have been reported by other practitioners trained to take clients through the emMatrix™ process.

So you see, if you're a coach, a therapist or simply a progressive individual (the kind who's always seeking higher and higher methods and processes for self-realization and self-actualization) this may be the message you've been waiting for.

Just imagine the results you could achieve for your clients, friends, family members and for YOURSELF by tapping into this powerful GPS system - The emMatrix™ System!

Author's Bio: 

Deborah Battersby is architect and lead trainer of the emMatrix System. Her company is dedicated to accelerating success and enhancing quality of life for its global clientele. From those facing abrupt change to those spear-heading it, we all need to know what drives us, what stops us and how to harness these forces to achieve what we want.

Known for innovative techniques and dramatic results, Deborah has helped thousands achieve their goals and transform their lives. She is a Master Practitioner in the field of neurolinguistics and neuro-associative conditioning, as well as a Trainer with Robbins Research International.

She brings these diverse skills to her programs. As one client shared, " In less time than it takes to watch a TV show, Deborah can move you through the barriers you've been bumping up against most of your life!"

Whether coaching high achievers or troubled teens, Deborah helps her clients tap into their own unstoppable power to close the gap from where they are to where they want to be.

Get her free ebook "7 Steps to Turning Goal Setting into Goal Getting" at http://www.your7thsense.com/gift.html