There is a myth in our culture that is so prevalent it may ultimately decide the future of our species.
The law of sexual attraction is parading in a lover’s mask.

When so many songs, poems and stories wrap love and romance together as a single item no wonder there’s confusion.
The line is blurred between unconscious impulses and conscious choice as sexual attraction takes the stage disguised as “True Love”.

Sexual attraction is automatic, survival based inherited programming and that is a very good thing. It’s just not love. When we mistake the menu for the meal, the road map for the road, we live in a world of half truths and metaphors.

Sanity is the ability to differentiate between what is real and what is not.
Yet when it comes to love we are truly nutty.

Romantic love has the possibility of redeeming our greatest spiritual worth. Yet we are not ready to handle the emotional dynamics behind it.

Really being honest about our own motivations requires humility, a virtue that seems to be lost in the quick fix “how to” schemes of today’s pop culture.

Driven by an inability to make genuine connections with other human beings we often seek to be fulfilled by another. We impose demands on our relationships that could never be met authentically.

When your happiness, purpose and fulfillment depend on another, you automatically try to control and use them to provide what you cannot get for yourself.
It’s easy to lose sight of love when the idea of rejection is so threatening. You end up selling out your core values in a vain attempt to get what they could never give.

In the case of romantic love we have search for happiness and fulfillment convinced that it is somewhere outside of ourselves. We go looking for a “soul mate” out there.

The absurdity is related to our religious beliefs that there is a spiritual world “out there” on the other side of life, beyond the here and now.

Having been taught that this world is a place of suffering, a place to rise above and leave behind we are promised “salvation” in an afterlife

This idea of a physical life on earth and a spiritual life “up in the sky” is so interwoven into our lives that the thought of an inner reality and its outer manifestations coexisting and experienced simultaneously is hard for us to grasp.

The essence of love is appreciation, recognition and honoring of another, exactly as they are. It means accepting them without expectations.
Love means finding value and enjoyment in the beauty of simple ordinary things. It is the willingness to discover who you really are and share everyday human life without all the addictive drama.
It is the freedom to generate and sustain Romantic Love as a possibility in your relationships through-out your lifetime.

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I have practiced a wide variety of transformational technologies for over forty years through the disciplines of Meditation, Dance, Theater, Martial Arts, yoga, EFT, Trauma release, Ontology, Psychology, NLP and Hypnosis.
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His private practice is in Los Angeles, CA where he conducts private sessions in person, by phone or Skype worldwide.

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