Happy, happy New Year!

If you are like me you cannot wait to let go of 2009 and all the garbage that came with it (and did there not seem to be more in 2009 then any other year???) then take today to reflect and let go of everything negative and upsetting and just down right sucky from 2009 and get ready for the awesome year of 2010.

I let go of the old by throwing stuff out. I really do. I go through my closets and cupboards and just toss away this and that, letting God and the universe know I am moving on. It is so liberating!

And last night just after midnight I penned my New Years Plan, and I thought you might also enjoy it. So, right from the first page of my 2010 journal, here you go:

20-10 Will Be...

A year of happy surprises.

A year of fun times.

A year of laughter and smiles.

A year of good times and good things.

A year of really living in the moment.

A year of doing the best I can- one decision at a time. And taking it easy on myself when I make a decision that is not the best for me.

A year of hugs and dancing- yes, at the same time whenever possible.

A year of really trusting God to provide for me as He always has.

A year of eating fantastically yummy and pure foods.

A year of implementing all the lessons I learned from 2009, including the most powerful lessons I have ever come across from the books "A New Earth", "You Can Heal Your Life", "Alive Raw Foods: Your Natural Diet" and "Never Be Sick Again".

A year of positive affirmations and treating myself right.

A year of letting go of the baggage I had held on to for so long.

A year of letting go of stereo types and others views on how I should be living.

A year of spending more time with loved ones, and less time with those that are not on that list.

A year of gratefulness, expecting the best God has to offer and smiling as much as possible.

A year unlike any other...

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! YEAH!!

Coach Mackenzie Pearce

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Coach Mackenzie Pearce

Director, The Coaching Academy of North America Inc.


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