So on my family's property there is this pine tree. It is called a Puzzle-bark Pine, although I don't think that is the official scientific name. The name derives from the way the bark forms on the trunk of the tree. Over time, as the pine tree grows, the bark begins to look like a puzzle. There are lines outlining chunks of bark, so the tree literally looks like a puzzle that has been carefully put together. This tree is majestic. It towers so high that I can't see the top when looking up - I imagine that it is at least 100 years old, probably more. The branches continue up as far as the eye can see; the pine needles gently fan out from the branches, creating a canopy.

As I sat marveling at this oak tree, I realized what a perfect metaphor this tree was for life. I am going to be blogging all week about what you can learn from a tree - so check back soon for more updates!

What I learned from a Tree

1. This pine tree never tried to grow into a glorious and magnificent tree; it simply became what it was capable of becoming. It simply manifested the potential that was inside of it all along.

Do you ever worry about having enough, being enough, or doing enough? If so, you are not alone. Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours worrying about something. Depending on your roles in life, you worry might sound something like this:

"Do the kids have everything they need?"
"Will I make enough money to cover my bills?"
"Did I remember to lock my house before I left for my trip?"
"Are my children safe from violence?"
"Do I have enough food to eat? Where will I get clean water to drink?"

These concerns can be very real, and very pressing. When we only listen to the worry, however, we suffer. We suffer because the worry begins to control our lives.
When you find yourself caught in moments of worry, anxiety, and discontent, picture a pine tree, or any object in nature that is beautiful to you. Remind yourself: You are part of nature. As nature grows, you grow. In the same way that this pine tree effortless grew into what it was destined to be, simply by being, so too can you accomplish your dreams and desires by connecting with this same source of being, with this essence of who you truly are.

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