Emerging within communities in our nation is an increasing interest in spirituality. There is talk about spirituality in the workplace, and balancing spirituality with daily living. It is evidenced by the ever increasing attention given to the topic... in the media, the best seller list, networking meetings, the Internet, breakfast meetings, home study groups, discussion groups in the office cafeteria, seminars and more. We hear the new buzz words... Passion, Principle, Purpose. We further hear more and more about God and Angels at work in our lives. We hear of gratitude and of making a difference. We now even witness professional athletes on their knees in prayer prior to competition. This is all wonderful. Yet without action, only rhetoric.

How about A Return to Humanity by directing some common courtesy and decency toward each other, showing respect for each other's right to privacy, performing simple random acts of kindness, returning phone calls, expressing appreciation, and driving politely.

Imagine when in corporate America and business in general, we adopt the "Dual Bottom-Line" as expressed in Michael Lerner's book "The Politics of Meaning". That is a bottom line of both caring for each other, and caring for our clients, customers, coworkers, employees, children, in other words caring for each other, and caring for the environment all while striving for profits. Decision makers will be looking ahead to the future consequences of their actions when they make caring the first priority. This will help us to leave behind a better world for our children and their children.

Not too long ago for example, some of this nation's leading economists suggested that downsizing/rightsizing was a healthy sign. That a company downsizing has the courage to do what it takes. It's good for business and profits and therefore the company is a solid investment. Well apparently Wall Street no longer agrees. According to Wayne Casio of the US Dept. of Labor's Office of the American Workplace in the citation "The Guide to Responsible Restructuring " (1995), just the oposite is true. The downsizing/rightsizing strategy leaves out the human factor. Many downsized companies are experiencing decreasing morale, diminished loyalties and increasing related costs. Workers and management at all levels are doing more and more for less pay, facing increasing uncertainties about their future, and in general feel overworked, unappreciated, and underpaid.

Imagine our politicians putting their "job" first rather than doing what they perceive is popular. Imagine them working for the greater good instead of what will get them re-elected. Imagine our educators who are free to educate in a relevant manner and less concerned about being politically correct.

This is A Return to Humanity... actively demonstrating respect, care, compassion, kindness, appreciation, honor, consideration, and good old-fashioned - doing unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Qualities that are certainly well worth embracing in our lives. The "Dual Bottom-Line", mutual respect, kindness and consideration, an end to "Road Rage", cooperation and partnership, are they possible? Are these ideas a bit idealistic? I believe that the real question to ask is can we survive, thrive, and continue to evolve without A Return to Humanity?

I believe that unless we do Return to Humanity, these asperations are not very likely to come to fruition. I further believe that A Return to Humanity, when embraced and engaged in will ultimately help us grow closer to God and realize our truest and fullest potential. Without A Return to Humanity, we remain stuck in survival or fear based thinking.

The continuing challeneg we face, however, is to balance our own needs while caring for each other. It for example, can be difficult to be patient and considerate with others, when we are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. Each of us, therefore, can benefit by keeping a constant vigil on our emotional and spiritual life. It is essential that we care for our soul by carefully scrutinizing how and what we feed it. Equally important is that we nurture our Return to Humanity by keeping alive hope and promise of a more hormonious life coupled with the realization that we are infinitely inter-connected spiritually.

Remember each of us can and does make a difference in our own way and collectively we can help to create a life worth living and a world worth living in.

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For nearly four decades Ken Coscia has devoted his life to providing the vital resources of reliable information, education and practical inspiration as well as specific tools to help people create balance in their lives, optimal health, and sustained progress toward the realization of their full potential.

People from all walks of life in over 14 different countries in over 7 different languages have benefited from Ken's presentations.

Ken addresses thousands of men and women each year on the subjects of personal and professional development. He has an easy going style and a wonderful ability to transform complex information into easy to understand strategies that create immediate changes and long term results. Ken earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Managerial Psychology from Boston University in 1973. Since then he has collaborated with many of the pioneering leaders in the Mind, Body, Spirit sciences.

Ken Coscia and his work have been a subject of discussion throughout the media internationally. In 1998, Ken was a contributor to the St. Francis Care Today program with Dr. Ed Johnson on sleep disorders.

Ken is also the author/narrator of many audio relaxation and focusing programs proven to enhance personal, spiritual, and professional development.

You can contact Ken directly at info@kencoscia.com