What if there was one word that could unlock your unique pathway to achievement? What if this word embraced all aspects of your life: religious, social, business and personal?

Impossible? Not at all. The word: Potential.

Potential is the most powerful word in the world. This is because potential is energy that is ready to be realized. It becomes manifest by two events of human nature: focus and belief. In order for everything in our lives to fall into place, a well-defined structure of potential must come first. This will allow you to convert your untapped potential into a life-changing force.


    •does not yet exist -- but can be imagined.

    •encompasses all possibilities! This means anything we can imagine can be addressed.

    •has 3 basic parts to its makeup: the abilities to create, to organize and to function.

    •includes 13 intelligences we all possess – a far more sophisticated and individualized analytical system than traditional IQ or emotional intelligence models.

    •has positive and negative aspects (like yin and yang) that must be understood and integrated into your action plan.

Understanding our Potential enables us to create our own reality, positive and negative. When we develop our Potential we take responsibility for our lives; we strip away extraneous and distracting experiences and focus on our essential intelligences – and then construct our individualized paths to achievement by converting our unrealized potential into action. When negative events occur, they can be restructured within our individual frameworks of potential, and overcome, making us stronger. In this way, developing our Potential offers a positive alternative to seeing ourselves as victims and focusing on past negative experiences.

Just as a lightening bolt converts potential energy into electricity, we each have the capacity to convert our potential into an amazing force for achievement and success. I believe the development of our potential is the very heart of humankind’s purpose.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Bob Flower is a General Systems Specialist who helps individuals, groups and companies blast through the barriers that impede them from their goals. Author of three books on the Science of Achievement, “Dr. Bob” Flower is offers a new perspective on how to overcome our obstacles to success. A successful entrepreneur, Robert Flower expanded his interests to uncover the dynamics of natural systems. He has applied his expertise to uncovering the building blocks of human understanding and achievement.

Dr. Flower has traveled the world to discover how people in many cultures, both contemporary and ancient, have achieved the unimaginable. His system of “Natural Intelligence” allows us to unharness our potential from the artificial constraints we have erected and reach new levels of achievement. Dr. Flower owns several successful investment and management businesses. He holds a doctorate in Organizational and Systems Sciences. He hosts a weekly local Cable TV show in addition to a weekly stock market\economic prediction internet feature called The Master Pattern Report. He is a frequent guest lecturer including two lectures at the United Nations on the Achievement Sciences. He has conducted many "Decoding Potential" workshops and webinars. He also is Director of the Gilchrist Institute for the Achievement Sciences. Dr. Flower is available for speaking engagements and workshops.