The beginning of marriage relationship is usually very sweet for most couples. During this period their expectation is high in terms of positive achievements in their profession, business and having a happy marriage generally. But, subsequently if there is any little set back or challenge, things will begin to fall apart sooner than they had expected. Instead of either of them to ask, "What is the problem with our relationship and how do we move on?" They will be asking, is this all there is to marriage? Is this all there is to life? On the contrary, they should be aware that they have all it takes to make the relationship work at their disposal, and that for any positive change to take place in the relationship, they need to change themselves. And this is where many couples get it wrong.

You should be aware that marriage is a serious business; it has seed and harvest time, it has its good and bad side. It should be well nurtured and taken good care of, for you to get positive returns. You should be aware that your life and your happiness are your responsibility. Your satisfaction and fulfillment in relationship will have to come from within you and not from an outside source or intervention. Instead of feeling sorry for yourselves, you should make candid effort toward communication and intimacy. You should have it at the back of your Mind that if your marriage is to survive, you have to create time for it, put some thought and effort into it. When you see your marriage as a serious business, you will treat it as such.

If it is true that you will not want a business you have invested so much time, energy and money into to fail, you should also not allow your relationship to fail as you have also invested a lot into it from day one. This will make you see your relationship as one big business entity that is separate from its owners. There are certain things that are required for a business to succeed which the people working there may not like, but because the business requires these things to succeed. The people working there must give it to the business. There are certain things also that a marital relationship require to make it successful, which may not be convenient for people involved because of work or some other engagements like creating time to make that phone call, spending a weekend together, which the marriage requires to make it enduring and the partners in the relationship must give to it.
Everything we do in life requires time, effort and commitment. Why shouldn't our marriage get the same level of attention that our job or career gets? We take continuous efforts to improve our professional lives by taking further educational classes and attending various relevant seminars. We believe by doing so we'll qualify for salary increases, promotions or even bigger challenges at work. Why not take classes or attend relevant seminars for our personal lives so that we can improve that aspect of our life as well?

Have you ever wondered why some couples stay together for so long and others call it quits within a very short time. A careful survey has revealed that it's not what happens to us that determines the quality of our marriage. It's what we do about what happens that will determine the quality of our lives together. The reality about marriages is that most relationships experience similar problems. They all have their share of boredom, routine, financial problems, problems with children, problems with the relatives and extended family members, and major life disappointments generally. The difference was that problems which might cause other relationships to fall apart brought couples in successful relationship closer together.

Lastly, it should be noted that a good marriage doesn't depend on finding the right partner. It depends largely on being the right partner. A marriage requires that you make daily effort to be exactly the person that you would want to be married to.

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