Symptoms of kidney infection are painful and uncomfortable. Life stops until the problem is taken care of. Usually symptoms of kidney infection require a trip to the doctor's office as well as a regimen of antibiotics and an anti fungal for the yeast infection that follows. Antibiotics are becoming more and more resistant to urinary tract infections, with one study concluding, “Bacterial resistance in UTI in Chinese females is a severe problem, which could be resulted from antimicrobial irrational use.” And this is not just a problem in female bladder infection, but anyone who gets UTI's.

This doesn’t have to be the case, though. Many women who have suffered with symptoms of kidney infection know that drinking cranberry juice is an effective infection prevention, but what few know is that the main ingredient in cranberries that makes it work so well for symptoms of kidney infection is a sugar called D-mannose.


How can sugar be a urinary tract infection cure?

D- Mannose IS a sugar- yet it doesn’t ACT like sugar. It tastes slightly bitter and it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels, yet it is classified by scientists as a sugar. But this sugar has a special trait makes it useful for treating bladder infections. Most of the time, a bacteria called Escherichia Coli or simply ‘E Coli’ causes the symptoms of kidney infection by grabbing onto the wall of the bladder and reproducing and causing infection. But D-Mannose helps to stop this by making the wall too slick for the E Coli bacteria to hang onto.

With the bladder constantly having fluids passing through it, this is an ideal urinary tract infection cure because the bacteria are simply washed away. While there have not been a lot of studies done on humans taking D-Mannose, the ones that have been done have shown it to not only prevent UTI’s, but also has the possibility to be an effective urinary tract infection cure. Dr. Jonathan Wright of the Tahoma Clinic in the book "Breakthrough...Eight Steps to Wellness" states, "... take D Mannose every 3 to 4 hours [3 to 5 grams] while awake until the symptoms are totally gone, which can take a few hours or one to two days."

With ever worsening antibiotic resistance and the subsequent yeast infections that nearly allow follow them, D-Mannose Supplements are simple prevention and even a possible urinary tract infection CURE that doesn’t require a doctor’s visit or the need for antibiotics.

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