Why is a vision board is key to your happiness today and tomorrow!

A new study by the Los Angeles Times shows today that Happiness is based on 50 percent genetics, 40 percent intention and 10 percent circumstances. Wow that's kind of amazing when most people say that they are happy or unhappy based on life's circumstances. That's where the creation of a Vision Board can really be key to your happiness today and tomorrow. Why?

A) By creating a Vision Board you release past conditioning and open your inner self to new opportunities -- like being happy.

B) Be sure to include Happiness as one of your 'intents' or 'intentions on your Vision Board. So many people just put stuff like Diamonds and Cars and Houses that many forget that peace of mind and happiness are PRICELESS.

C) Search for defining images -- images that 'resonate' happiness to you -- it might be a sunrise or a sunset or a picture of you on a mountain top. For me it's a picture of me in front of the Great Hall of China -- if I can get there from the housing projects of Cleveland -- I can get anywhere! Post these images on your Vision Board-- already have a board -- add these images with glue tape or even just a thumbtack.

D) Clone your Vision Board -- yes don't just post it in a back closet-- bring it out where you can see it and bed sure to make copies of it that you can use as digital screensavers and maybe even on a keychain clasp. One of my clients even uses her Vision Board as the 'skin' for her laptop!

E) Do things that help you be happy -- you know be a kid again -- go ahead and have an ice cream cone, skip down the street , go swing in the park, wear your goofy color socks or even mismatched socks -- after all if it makes you happy and counters any bad genes why not!

Consider making a happiness board! It combines the principles of just letting go and being happy no matter what is happening in your life and the world with the value of creating a vision board. A happiness board should make you laugh or chuckle or smile. It can have goofy stuff on it or it can just have a picture of kittens on it --if that's what makes you happy. This is not rocket science!

Author's Bio: 

Joyce Schwarz is the founder of the Center for Successful Recareering and also The Vision Board Institute. She is the author of THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life which just hit #1 on the Amazon Spiritual Best-seller list. "The Vision Board" is published by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design and features a 4-color book, hard-bound with more than 100 color pictures throughout. The foreword for The Vision Board is by Bob Proctor and the afterword by Jack Canfield. The book features interviews, tips and quotes from more than 75 wisdom leaders and such teachers of THE SECRET as: Marie Diamond, Bob Doyle, Mike Dooley, Lee Brower, Dr. Michael Beckwith and of course Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield. To see inside the book go to http://www.tinyurl.com/seeinsidebook