A wide variety of storage sheds can be built fairly easily by those who consider themselves to be competent do-it-yourself project people. For the most part, the definition of a shed is that it is fairly simple in its overall construction and only one story in height. It also is usually found in a backyard or another area around a house and is mainly used to store home care items.

While the above is true, this in no way is meant to give the impression that certain of these sheds aren't extremely intricate and detailed in their construction. Some of them may, in fact, resemble a regular home in terms of all of the amenities they may have. Some of these amenities can include running water, heating and cooling, electricity and the like. Some look like guesthouses, even.

Generally speaking, the simplest and easiest to build of these sheds come in kits that are available at most any home improvement store. Additionally, blueprints and building plans for most any shed can be viewed and then purchased online. Also, depending on how detailed the construction, putting a shed up doesn't normally take more than a weekend for someone who is a competent do-it-yourself person.

It's also true that sheds come in a few different sizes. There are some very small examples that are made to fit into small areas around the home, like the corner shed. It is about 3 x 3 x 2 and is extremely basic. There are two other types, one of which is known as a vertical shed. It has dimensions that actually are fairly standard at 5 x 3 x 4.

The other type of small shed is known as a horizontal, and it is about 3 x 5 x 4. You could line up these two sheds side-by-side and instantly see the difference in height and other dimensions just by eyeballing them. However, the shed that seems to be most popular with just about every person is the one that resembles a Dutch-style barn and is known as a gambrel. It has a roof line that is high and sloping.

For the most part, all of the larger sheds are mostly wooden in construction while those smaller enclosures mentioned above can be made of most any material, though light weight aluminum or plastic seem to be the most common today. Those larger outbuildings may contain within them many of the same things a house might have, including shingles on the roof, electrical outlets and even windows.

Once built, many owners of these outbuildings begin customizing them to add decorative items such as trim that actually helps the building look like the main house. Additionally, some of the larger models might even have a dormer shuttered windows and ventilation systems that help to heat or cool the building such that it can actually fill in as a guest house if needed.

Today, it is certainly the case that a wide variety of storage sheds can be built fairly easily by most any competent do-it-yourself person who has a few tools and a weekend's worth of time in which to build them. Many of these buildings come in kit form and are widely available from most any home improvement store. These outbuildings can also be as large or small as is needed, too.

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