It is proven fact that the Left part of the brain plays a dominant role in the analytical processes, while creative processes mainly take place in the Right part. It is important to realize, however, that this is not a black and white picture, set in stone. In fact, all brain processes take place through the brain as a whole; there is just a general preference in functionality. It is also important to note that the brain is extremely flexible, and different parts are able to take over certain functions, should they become nonfunctional in their normal location due to some kind of brain injury.

Whole brain integration means using the Left and the Right side of the brain together, which improves the use of your brain by 5-10%.There are several activities that have proven to stimulate the Right and the Left parts of the brain simultaneously. One of the well known activity is Abacus where brain exercise is done in such a way that it stimulates both parts of the brain i.e., right and left part simultaneously and therefore can be a very powerful tool for creation and planning. This development process has had many stages.

It relates back to the prehistoric time and the first stage of development involves the construction of Abacus. The wooden calculator helps teach mathematical skills, patterning and color recognition, and slide and count the beads with this timeless counting frame. It is also shown that it leads to a much better brain development.

Although the abacus does not qualify as a mechanical calculator, it certainly stands proud as one of first mechanical aids to calculation and if you know how to master an abacus then you can even out beat a modern calculator in terms of accuracy and speed.When children use both hands to move the abacus beads to perform arithmetic calculations, there is quick communication between the hands and the brain that stimulates both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This promotes rapid and balanced whole brain development.

If a child starts learning the abacus before being taught traditional arithmetic, there is minimal conflict and the child will easily work within both systems. If a child starts the program later, having already received traditional foundations, there may be a slightly extended learning period for the child to accept and integrate the abacus method.Though this world is left brain dominated world, but many famous lefties have graced this earth.

Some of the famous artists who are left handers have dominated right brain like MF hussain used both of his hands and he was one of India's best-known artists, Amitabh bachchan is also a left hander and has brilliance unlimited, Appel, Karel were Dutch Painter, Sculptor and Printmaker, Leonardo da Vinci, Florentine Polymath etc.So by using both the hands together with the help of abacus, a child can become Genius.

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