Telephonic communication is conducted in all companies. This telephonic communication can be traditional telephony solutions based on PSTN or this can be the communication solution based on SIP such as, IP PBX solution based business communication or calling campaigns in the call center with usage of the call center solution or something else. In all scenarios, the professionals of the company communicate with customers, vendors, investors, prospects, future employees, etc. As the employees of the company represent the company and carry the brand of the company on their shoulder, it is really important to ensure that each conversation is professional and polite even in extreme situations. Furthermore, it is also important for an organization that it assures the time invested on the telephonic conversation is indeed time invested and not the time wasted by the employees. The question comes here is how can companies assure these facts. There are many tools and systems available in the market, which organizations can use to increase the call quality as well as professionalism and interpersonal skills of the employees. One of effective tools available for this is known as a Live Call Monitoring solution.

The Live Call Monitoring solution is a software solution which can be used in any organization to screen the calls in real time. Also, it allows the companies to identify the suspicious calls. As a live call monitoring solution lets the managers of the company monitor ongoing calls in real time, it is also known as an ongoing call monitoring system.

The live call monitoring system comes with a wide array of features which make it a complete and comprehensive solution for all organizations. The call center solutions usually have a live call monitoring system integrated within it, but it doesn’t have all features the live call monitoring system have.

The live call monitoring solution is really useful for all those companies and organizations that want to make sure that their executives are carrying a positive brand image of the company as well as the time invested in the calls is worth.

The live call monitoring is a VoIP based solution. It can work with traditional telephony as the VoIP developers can make required configuration. If the company is using a VoIP based solution to take care of the calls, then they need to choose the live call monitoring system which is compatible with their existing system. Generally, there are two types of live call monitoring solutions available in the market:

1. Asterisk live call monitoring solution and
2. FreeSWITCH live call monitoring solution

As the name suggests the ongoing call monitoring software gets developed in the specific technology, namely, Asterisk and FreeSWITCH. If you are using an Asterisk solution for calling, then you must get the Asterisk live call monitoring system. On the other hand, if you are using a FreeSWITCH solution, you should get the FreeSWITCH Live call monitoring solution. This will make integration easy and fast.

The live call monitoring system can be used as an independent solution via a web based application. Alternatively, it can be integrated within an existing system in a way that it can be used as one of the modules of the existing solution.

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