In this article, dear readers, we will understand the advantages and disadvantages that the user receives, who refuse to smoke in favor of electronic cigarettes. Consider the cons of electronic cigarettes, the advantages of electronic cigarettes. In general, let's put together an understanding of what an electronic cigarette gives. And the electronic cigarette is better than usual. Let's get started!

Let's start with the cons of electronic cigarettes.

The first disadvantage is the cost of electronic cigarettes. To start smoking regular cigarettes, small expenses are required for one pack of cigarettes and a cigarette lighter or matches. That is, the cost of "start" in traditional smoking is small.

In the case of an electronic cigarette, much more “initial investments” will be immediately required. Depending on the characteristics and quality of the devices selected for use, this amount may be comparable to the monthly - three-month costs of traditional smoking.

In most cases, “trying” by spending a little money on it is difficult. Very cheap devices usually have non-technical characteristics and quality, which can cause frustration in electronic cigarettes. In addition, without being prepared from a technical point of view, it is not easy for a novice user to distinguish a quality device from outright junk, even at the considerable cost of the options under consideration.

To understand the second drawback of an e-cigarette, we’ll have to go a few “sideways” ... “Smoking” of an e-cigarette is more comfortable, convenient, socially acceptable and even tasty (especially when using fruit and similar flavors). The sensations from an electronic cigarette (talking about high-quality and normally tuned devices) are more “soft”.

When using an electronic cigarette, many novice users do not have a “stupor” in the form of a subjective sense of smoke. When using “traditional” cigarettes, its role is not even played by nicotine saturation, but by the characteristic unpleasant sensation caused by tar and “bloom” in the mouth. When using electronic cigarettes, such sensations are usually absent.

Therefore, at first the neophyte of electronic cigarettes can start using them much more often and longer than regular cigarettes. Accordingly, it is possible to consume more nicotine. This is the second drawback of the electronic cigarette.

Usually it passes with time. But self-discipline, of course, also should not be forgotten.

The third drawback in the use of electronic cigarettes is the need for additional efforts and time to service them. I smoked a cigarette and threw it out. Is that sometimes ash out the ashtrays and wash have. And any electronic cigarette, regardless of its technical excellence and complexity, requires maintenance.

Any electronic cigarette must be filled with liquid, charge the battery. Also, even in maintenance-free and semi-serviceable evaporators, it is advisable to periodically rinse and burn the wicks with a spiral. Serviced devices have to be periodically “rewound” (to change the helix and wicks).

This, of course, is not about some unimaginable loss of time, but that you have to “mess around” with electronic cigarettes is a fact.

And the fourth drawback of the electronic cigarette is that they can easily get carried away so much that it will turn into a real passion. It's not about using and having fun. For many vapers (e-cigarette users), self-belonging to this community becomes valuable. They sit on specialized forums not for getting information, but just for participating in a get-together.

With excessive dedication, there is often a constant desire to purchase all new devices. Not because one cannot do without them, but simply in order to supplement the “collection” and from the unbridled desire to try something new.

Now about the advantages (advantages) of electronic cigarettes.

The first and main advantage of electronic cigarettes is that, in the process of nicotine consumption, traditional tobacco-smoking tar and carcinogenic substances do not enter the user's body. No one would argue that e-cigarettes are useful - a complete cessation of smoking is beneficial. However, the use of electronic cigarettes does much less harm than “ordinary” smoking.

Soon enough after switching to "electronics", many users notice a decrease in shortness of breath during physical exertion, bad breath, improved complexion and other seemingly noticeable pleasant changes.

The second important advantage is the high social acceptability of “electronic smoking”. The use of electronic cigarettes is not associated with the most unpleasant and annoying surrounding factors. There is no tobacco smoke, there is no stink of smoked room, body, hair, clothes of a smoker.

In many cases, even non-smokers allow a brewer to take a “smoke break” using an electronic cigarette in his office or apartment. Suppose not in the common room, so on the glassed-in balcony or kitchen - for sure. You will be surprised how much more loyal people are to bathers than to smokers.

Observing and communicating with many users who have switched from smoking to the use of electronic cigarettes, with confidence I will note the third advantage of using “electronics”. Without exception, smokers are aware of the harmfulness of this addiction / habit. Many smokers would like to quit smoking, but previous attempts to do so were unsuccessful.

And, despite the fact that vaping is an alternative way to meet the need for nicotine (this is less harmful, more technological indulgence of its nicotine addiction), but this is not smoking anymore! A user who switches from cigarettes to electronics ceases to be a smoker. He ALREADY began to bring much less harm to his health.

This fact of “quitting smoking” (although nicotine consumption is preserved) is perceived by “converts” users of electronic cigarettes as a significant personal victory. Let it not be complete, but still a victory - now they are less harmful to themselves and their surroundings.

And this greatly improves self-esteem and increases the respect of others. What is also important.

The fourth advantage of electronic cigarettes is largely social. With high probability we can assume that the use of electronic cigarettes from a particular user will grow into a hobby. This topic will become an important and significant hobby. In the subject of vaping is going to quite an active crowd of like-minded people. The material was written, in collaboration with

And the feeling of belonging to a certain community, especially formed around something worthy and expedient, is also the satisfaction of one of the basic needs of the individual.

Now, having learned about the pros and cons of an electronic cigarette, you, dear readers, will be able to evaluate and weigh them. As a result, you will have a sufficient idea of ​​what the electronic cigarette gives the user and how it (the electronic cigarette) is better than usual.

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Mike Hammelton - leading expert in the smoking industry. Engaged in the development of safe cigarettes for humans, including electronic ones.