In the present market, all the leading Business Houses have taken on the Benefits of Custom Applications to enhance the potentiality of their business. What is this Custom Application and how can it help a business to flourish? Answering all these queries, this article gives a brief note of Custom Applications.
What Is Custom Applications?
Custom Application means customized applications, which are nothing but a software product developed in a planned and structured process. Custom applications are like software development life cycle (SDLC). These are referred with the word “custom” because these are custom made for a specific user, but not for multiple clients or a group. Custom applications are developed to speed up the business process of the client. The application can have one or many programs to facilitate various integrated specific tasks, such as keeping track of billing customers; maintaining accounts; managing content; maintaining records of the employees and others. However, the main aim of any Custom application is to facilitate the following:
• Meeting the specific needs of their clients business
• Making the application practical, portable and flexible
• Making data available to any location via the internet
• Giving an edge over store-bought application
Custom developed application are developed incorporating most progressive technologies along with preferences and expectations of the client. These software are usually designed step by step to detect all possible hidden dangers and to bring out something that excel with refinement. Development of custom application is conducted step by step; the basic steps include:
• Detailed analysis of the business requirements
• Preparation of requirements & specifications, accordingly
• Initial designing concept
• Coding/programming
• Testing (verification & validation)
• Providing training & support material to the client
• Ongoing development and maintenance
Benefits and Problems in Customization of a custom application
Through Custom application development, businesses try to incorporate their desired features into the software. With the modern technology, any desired feature can be materialized; Time and money are the only limiting factors. If money is not a constraint for you, and you also want to benefit your business through a custom application, then you can check out the following points to know how you will be benefited:
Benefits of Custom applications
• Customized software is more appropriate and more efficient.
• It has less unneeded functionality
• It is easier to document and support
• It requires less time to be adapted
• It can talk a specific language or jargon
• It does what you want right after you install it
• Fewer hours to spend on lengthy assignments
• Easy to solve other complex technical problems

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