Abdominoplasty in Maryland, as elsewhere in the United States, is one among the very popular aesthetic procedures.
It has undergone a significant evolution over the past several years, and is now considered very effective and generally safe.
This can be gauged from the fact that, tummy tuck with over 181,450 procedures, is among the top 5 cosmetic surgery procedures in the year 2016.
Interestingly, among men, tummy tuck, with over 45,000 procedures tops the chart in 2016.
Cosmetic makeover today is not so senior.
Even the 65+ are keen to rejuvenate themselves.
As one 68 year old sales demonstrator in a grocery store says, “My outside must mirror how I am feeling inside”.
Why is abdominoplasty or tummy tuck so popular among cosmetic makeovers?
People who find exercise inadequate to get rid of excess fatty tissue go for tummy tuck.
Women after multiple pregnancies or huge fluctuations in weight experience loss of elasticity of the tissues of their abdominal wall.
Abdominoplasty addresses such deformities and gives it a tighter and firmer look.
A surgeon performing abdominoplasty typically tightens abdominal muscles that have become lax after pregnancy or through the aging process.
The objective is to make the abdomen smoother and flatter.
“It is not to be used as a substitute for proper lifestyle behaviors like diet and exercise,” warns a surgeon specializing in Abdominoplasty in Maryland. “Moreover, people must understand this procedure does not remove stretch marks”.
If you are contemplating going in for a tummy tuck, it is but natural for you to have apprehensions regarding complications.
Yes, it is true the internet feeds you quite a bit of information on some of the complications of tummy tuck. And it can be quite scary.
But remember, it is a different aspect altogether when the complications are explained to you by an abdominoplasty surgeon.
“I always put the subject under proper perspective”, says a cosmetic surgeon specializing in Abdominoplasty in Frederick, MD. “The likelihood of complications is rare. The objective of explaining risks is so that you will know how to tackle these if they occur”.
To get a better insight, here are few of the risks of the tummy tuck operation.
• Infection - It is anyway rare because surgeons prescribe antibiotics both before and after surgery.
• Bleeding - This occurs to only those who have a high risk of bleeding, especially those who are on blood thinners or aspirin. In liposuction, doctors use a blunt cannula to remove fat, and there is no cutting of tissues.
• Skin discoloration - This is common in any surgery. It is temporary and disappears with time.
• Pain - Easily controlled by pain relieving medications.
• Scars - Scars occur whenever an incision is made. The extent of scar will depend on the nature of surgery. In a liposuction puncture, however, the wounds are minute.
To summarize, abdominoplasty is generally safe. Usually it is done in an outpatient setting. Only on rare occasions if the patient has risk factors, doctors suggest an outpatient facility with the surgery done under general anesthesia.
All that a person has to do is check with a doctor whether they are a good candidate for abdominoplasty.

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