Appearance has become the key to a successful life. People have become very image conscious. You will notice a remarkable change in their way of clothing and lifestyle; besides, they are also going great lengths to make their bodies ‘picture perfect.’ What can be more saddening in this situation than a bulging belly! But the world of medical science has bestowed a panacea in the name of ‘abdominoplasty procedure,’ commonly known as tummy tuck, which will help you achieve a flat and beautifully contoured abdomen.

People troubled by excess fat in the midsection can undergo this surgery. It is also known as mommy makeover surgery when provided to women after their pregnancy. There are different types of abdominoplasty procedures and one can choose the best suited option. Basically there are 3 prime procedures:

• Mini Tummy Tuck
• Standard Abdominoplasty
• High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty

The Mini Tummy Tuck
Mini Tummy tuck, as the name suggests is the simplest among all the procedures. In this procedure, a small incision is made in the lower abdominal wall to remove a small amount of skin. The small opening leaves no scar behind; hence the procedure is called ‘scarless tummy tuck’. It’s best suited for anyone with a controllable amount of flab. A recovery period of one week is required. If you are experiencing muffin-top or love-handles and it’s difficult to get rid of it through conventional ways of dieting and exercising, mini tuck is the way to go.

The Standard Abdominoplasty
Anyone who has lost considerable weight recently and those who have a large proportion of flab and sagging skin left behind around the midsection after pregnancy can go for this procedure. Compared to mini tuck, the incision is bigger and later requires repositioning of the belly button. A standard abdominoplasty has a more central and gradual lower incision than the one made for high lateral tension abdominoplasty. The incision is concealed in most bikini bottoms, and the procedure allows removal of a large amount of fat and skin from the lower abdomen. Patients may require hospitalization for a couple of days and 2-4 weeks to recover.

The High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty
High lateral tension abdominoplasty facilitates mid abdominal tightening and allows a more dramatic effect on the waistline. The procedure is ideal for patients who are thin, and have lower abdominal excess skin. The surgery enables an inward pull of the midsection that results in an hourglass figure. The incision for this surgical procedure will start low in the pubis and move upwards sharply. The incision can be concealed in most high riding bikinis.
Abdominoplasty allows a patient to achieve a notable improvement in the abdominal contour and form with much less lower abdominal skin and fat.

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Abdominoplasty procedure is most appropriate for thin patients who have mostly lower abdominal excess skin. It is also appropriate for patients who have diffuse abdominal tissues requiring excision of larger amounts of skin. Visit