Stepping into the world where your parents have already created milestones brings both opportunities as well as challenges. Not everyone can stand up to those challenges or make their mark. But Abhinay Berde, among the rising stars of the Marathi film industry, has left his mark with his first Marathi film and he plans to keep doing so with every kind of role he will be portraying whether it is the main lead, a romantic hero, or a villain. Abhinay firmly believes in versatility and creating films that are entertaining with the characters and the situations that truly resonate with the audience.

For our latest edition of Insights Success a business solutions magazine, we got Abhinay Berde candid about his journey as an actor, how he entered the Marathi film, and his goals for himself as well as to be instrumental in reviving the golden era of the Marathi film industry. Read on to know more about Abhinay Berde and his exciting journey so far and to be continued.

As a rising star of the Marathi films, how do you think the perspective of the audience has changed over the years towards Marathi films?

I feel that somehow Marathi audience has moved away from Marathi cinema. Sure, people are more supportive through other platforms such as sharing and commenting on videos on social media or showing their support and appreciation by watching reality shows where we promote our films.

But in the end, something stands in between Marathi films and their audience, which is why the audience is not coming to the theatres. I think the entire industry should collectively search for the reasons. People spend their money to watch films in theatre and they deserve the kind of entertainment they ask for. And as a part of this industry, it’s our job to deliver that kind of entertainment to make the audience happy.

Another factor why the audience loved certain Marathi films like Sairat, Duniyadari, Timepass, and Ti Sadhya Kay Karte was the entertainment factor and the relatability. People could relate to the characters or the situations that were portrayed in these and more such films. These films depicted the reality or a part of it that resonated the real-life society. That’s why these films did well in terms of business as well as popularity even after.

The Marathi film industry has so much talent that it could put us on the map. We need to explore what is working for us. We need to motivate that talent to come forth and shine through. The entire Marathi industry has so much love and acceptance within. I feel gratitude for working here. I want to do something for the audience and the Marathi film industry through my work as an actor.

“I want to carve my own path. I want to create my own legacy. And I want to honour my parents with my legacy”

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