APPSC, UPPSC and GPSC are the various names of the Public Service Commission examinations which are conducted in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. If you want to make your future completely secure financially the only way still to go about it would be to get a Government job. Nowadays it is not easy to get a Government job compared to the golden days of yore. Even after losing too much sweat it is not necessary that you will be able to land yourself the much coveted government job position. So many candidates with dreams regarding a golden future have tried and failed, all to no avail. However these dismal statistics do not deter the aspirants to sit for the PSC examinations each and every year with all the zeal which youth possess. If you are hell bent on landing a Government job in your respective state, the PSC examination really can help you to pave your road to success. All the best jobs in the Government have their entrance through the PSC examination halls. However this is not the easy way, but rather the toughest one in the state.

The Andhra Pradesh PSC examination
The UPPSC, GPSC and the APPSC are the various Public Service Commissions which came into existence more or less simultaneously with the formation of the states of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission came into existence in the year 1956. Initially when the commission was set up, it included a four member committee including a chairman and three other members. However the increasing workload along with the expansion of the overall recruitment process has led to an increase in the number the members in the committee. In the year 1981 the strength was increased with 5 members in the inner circle having the chairman as their head. Since 1994 the increasing member strength has now come to 10 with nine members and the chairman.

UPPSC is your ticket to enter the premier Government services in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Its position is similar to GPSC and the APPSC in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh respectively. The Gujarat Public Service Commission was formed in the year 1960. Presently the core committee of the commission consists of the chairman along with four other members. The commission is responsible for the smooth and fair recruitment of the eligible candidates to the various posts in the government services.

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